MAL de-mixing technology


MAL is a de-mixing technology developed by the award-winning sound team led by Emile de la Rey at Peter Jackson’s WingNut Films Productions Ltd. It was first used in the “Get Back” docu-series directed by Peter Jackson, and has since been used to remix the “Revolver” album (in 2022), some tracks on the reissues of the Red and Blue albums, and the last Beatles song “Now And Then” (in 2023). It was also used to create an isolated vocal track from John Lennon on the song “I’ve Got A Feeling”, which Paul McCartney used in his 2022/2023 “Got Back” tour.

MAL stands for “Machine Assisted Learning”, but the name is also a deliberate homage to the HAL computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey” and to the omnipresent Mal Evans in the “Get Back” documentary.

Concerts, TV & radio shows

Spokane • Spokane Arena • USA

Apr 28, 2022 • USA • Spokane • Spokane Arena


The Beatles: Get Back

2021 • For The Beatles • Directed by Peter Jackson



Remixing songs for the reissue of the Red and Blue albums

2022 - 2023 ? • Songs recorded during this session appear on 1962-1966 (2023 Edition - 3LP Red Vinyl)