The Beatles’ brief stay in Beverly Hills

Wednesday, August 24, 1966
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7655 Curson Terrace, Beverly Hills, USA

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After completing their concert at New York’s Shea Stadium on August 23, 1966, The Beatles promptly flew to Los Angeles, arriving in the early hours of August 24 for a day of well-deserved rest. During their brief stay in Beverly Hills, they lodged at 7655 Curson Terrace, a property rented by their manager, Brian Epstein.

The Beatles were visited by several notable guests, including their former press officer Derek Taylor, as well as David Crosby, from The Byrds, and Brian and Carl Wilson, from The Beach Boys.

Later that evening, The Beatles held a press conference at the Capitol Records Tower and were presented with gold records by both Capitol Records and the RIAA for their latest LP, “Revolver“. The celebrations continued with a party organized by Capitol Records’ president Alan Livingstone.

On August 25, The Beatles flew to Seattle for two performances at the Coliseum before returning to Los Angeles that evening for another two days of rest on August 26 and 27.

McCartney insisted, as we flew into Los Angeles for the final three-city schedule, that this would be their last tour. They hated it, he said, not being heard, kept under tight security, with terrible stadium sound systems. I didn’t believe him. But then, I would never have believed that Lennon would be shot to death on a New York street.

Judith Sims – Editor of TeenSet magazine in 1966 – From Los Angeles Times, 1986

From The Beatles play pool while staying at Curson Terrace in Beverly… Fotografía de noticias – Getty Images – (MANDATORY CREDIT Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images) The Beatles play pool while staying at Curson Terrace in Beverly Hills, California on their day off, August 26, 1966. (Photo by Koh Hasebe/Shinko Music/Getty Images)

Beatle meets Beach Boys (two), Byrds (one)

Paul McCartney called on former Beatles press officer Derek Taylor in Hollywood during the tour. Then Brian and Carl Wilson dropped in, followed by George Harrison and David Crosby of the Byrds. A good time was had by all!

From Melody Maker – September 10, 1966
From Melody Maker – September 10, 1966


LYING by the side of a luxurious swimming pool in Los Angeles, it’s hard to piece together the last hectic fortnight of the Beatles’ American tour. But a reasonable description would be one mad dash.

The Beatles played a final wild concert in Los Angeles and about 1,000 fans burst through the barriers towards the boys. They were only stopped by a major assault by the L-A police.

We’ve been here two days – the only rest we’ve had on the whole tour. We’ve been living – everyone on the trip including the Beatles – on hot dogs and Cokes.

But when we arrived on the West Coast two days ago the Beatles rented a huge luxurious ranch-house built on the hills outside Los Angeles and with a fabulous view of the valley.

The house has a huge L shaped pool and the Beatles have hosted two huge parties while they’ve been here with hundreds of guests from all over the valley. This has been about the only relaxation of the whole trip.

I even managed to borrow a spare pair of Paul McCartney’s swimming trunks and joined him in the beautiful pool.

But I now see why they were a bit depressed when they flew out here from England. For them, it’s really a bit of a drag. They’ve seen it all before, there’s little enjoyment and a lot of discomfort, isolation and hard work.

I believe that life is a bit jaded for them at present. They’ve done everything and met everyone. Now they’re searching for something new and I hope they find it.

Me? I’m looking forward to flying home to Britain tomorrow. Who cares about rain? I’m longing for the comparative peace waiting on the Radio London boat.

From Melody Maker – September 3, 1966
From Melody Maker – September 3, 1966

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