The Paul McCartney Project

Derek Taylor

Sep 07, 1997

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Paul came to Suffolk a week ago [on September 5, 1997] to visit Derek. They had a good laugh together, and Paul feels he would like to leave it like that and remember him on a positive note.

Geoff Baker, Paul McCartney’s publicist, 1997

The first time we met Derek was in Southport, where the Beatles were playing a gig. After the show, he came to our dressing room. We didn’t want to see anyone, but Derek put his foot in the door and refused to remove it until we agreed to give him an interview. This was the sort of stuff that we had read about in books, but had never experienced before. We were so amused by his cheek that we did the interview. After that night, he became a firm friend. He ghosted a newspaper column for George and he helped Brian Epstein write his book, A Cellarful Of Noise. But beyond all that, he was a lovely man who became a great mate to us all. l’ll always remember his irreverent sense of humour and the many laughs we had together. He was a great husband to his wife Joan, and a wonderful father to his lovely kids. He’ll be missed by all of us – but never forgotten by any of us.

Paul McCartney, 1997


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