Paul McCartney and Mal Evans spend some time in Los Angeles

April 10-11, 1967
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Los Angeles, USA

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Although the recording of the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album was unfinished, Paul decided to take a ten-day break in the United States to surprise his girlfriend Jane Asher on her 21st birthday. At the time, Jane was touring the US with the Old Vic Company and performing Romeo And Juliet.

On April 3, 1967, Paul and Mal Evans departed London and spent the following day in San Francisco. On April 5, they travelled to Denver to meet Jane and celebrate her birthday. Paul, Jane, and Mal spent the next few days vacationing in the Denver area.

On April 9, the Old Vic Company flew out of Denver, where they had been based for a few days. Paul and Mal said goodbye to Jane and flew to Los Angeles, where they met with Derek Taylor, who was the press officer for the Beatles’ first concert tour of the US in the summer of 1964.

The following day, April 10, Paul and Mal went shopping before paying a visit to John and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas, according to Mal’s diary (as reported in the book “A Perfect Haze: The Illustrated History of the Monterey International Pop Festival” by Harvey and Kenneth Kubernik, Paul may also have met John and Michelle Phillips the day before, April 9).

After a while, Paul left alone to join The Beach Boys at their recording session where he was recorded chewing vegetables for the song “Vega-Tables“.

In the early hours of April 11, Paul brought Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys session to John and Michelle Phillips’ house, where they played some music together. Paul and Mal then returned to Derek Taylor’s house in time for breakfast and started packing up in anticipation of their flight back to London later that day.


We faced the world, a rather cold, wet world, at eleven. Lovely breakfast then took pictures of Derek and Derek’s children. Went shopping to the fantastic new Century Plaza Center. Paul gathered a little crowd of surprised Californians wherever we went. I bought a talking pillow and Paul bought all sorts of things to bring home. Later we went round to see John Phillips and Michelle (Mamas And Papas). Great house with a well-lived-in atmosphere. All sat round and watched the rain pour down. Company was good so even that looked nice. Paul decided he was off to see The Beach Boys at their recording session but I stayed beside the big log fire.


I guess today starts at midnight. Still with John and Michelle watching “Mutiny On The Bounty” on TV. Paul brought back Brian Wilson and his wife from The Beach Boys’ session. Paul had thoroughly enjoyed the recording — even joined in on guitar for “On Top Of Old Smokey”. Now another “session” began with John and Michelle getting out their collection of instruments. John brought in a tray of glasses, each filled with different amounts of water. Yes, he can even play THOSE! Paul on cello and, sometimes, flugelhorn. Lasted most of the night, talking and playing. Then back to Derek’s place for early breakfast and packing. We all went to Los Angeles International Airport. To our surprise we met London promoter Arthur Howes in the passenger lounge – Arthur has always put on Beatles’ concert tours in Britain. Once we were on the plane Paul started working out ideas for the song he thinks might be the next single. I stayed awake to photograph stewardesses, the dawn and other pleasing things.

Mal Evans – From The Beatles Monthly Book, July 1967
From The Beatles Monthly Book, July 1967

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