Filming of “Magical Mystery Tour” • Day 5

Friday, September 15, 1967
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Atlantic Hotel, Newquay, UK

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Magical Mystery Tour (TV Special)

1967 • For The Beatles • Directed by The Beatles

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On September 11, The Beatles embarked on their Magical Mystery Tour, boarding a festively adorned coach accompanied by family, friends, fan club staff, actors, and select travellers, totalling 43 individuals. They departed from London around noon, stopping for lunch in Basingstoke, Hampshire. By evening, the group reached Teignmouth, Devon, where they spent the night. On September 12, they travelled to Newquay, initially planning a one-night stay, but ultimately deciding to use the Atlantic Hotel as their base for three nights, residing in four holiday flats. On September 13 and 14, they filmed nearby Newquay.

On their final day in the Newquay region, the group enjoyed breakfast before capturing a brief moment on film, in which they all cheerfully waved at the cameras from the coach and hotel’s entrance.

The coach then set off for London, making several stops along the way to shoot scenes. Although the first scene did not make it into the final edit, it featured people squeezing into a quaint chip shop called Smedley’s, located at 108 Roman Road in Taunton, Somerset. The Beatles were filmed ordering food from behind the counter before moving to the main area of the shop to eat their lunch.

The shop was owned by James and Amy Smedley. Mrs Smedley had been cast as an extra for the Newquay scenes, and while conversing with the Beatles, she mentioned that she and her husband owned a fish and chip shop in Taunton. Unexpectedly, on that particular Friday, Mrs Smedley received a call announcing the Beatles’ impending arrival.

Additional filming took place at a rural pub, a hall, a hostel, and inside the coach itself. During the on-board scenes, accordionist Shirley Evans led the coach passengers in a lively singalong, featuring songs like “Toot Toot Tootsie,” “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” “When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along,” and “The Can Can.”

Upon reaching Virginia Water in Surrey, the coach dropped off John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. However, Paul McCartney stayed on board until the coach arrived at its final destination, Allsop Place in London.

The following week, on September 18, 1967, a second week of filming for the Magical Mystery Tour commenced.

FRIDAY: The last day and a lot of sad ‘Goodbyes’ to be said. We stopped the coach once or twice to film everybody GETTING BACK ON! One stop was at a country pub. George and I stood with John, shared his cheese and dipped it into tomato sauce which may sound a bit off but, believe me, is very tasty. Travelling back towards London this evening we sang songs and carols while Shirley Evans played an accordion. Soon, too soon, it was all over. George, Ringo and John got off first. Paul stayed with us until the bus reached Baker-street. I hope you enjoy watching the film as much as we enjoyed helping to make it. It was a fabulous week !

Jeni Crowley – From The Beatles Monthly Book, November 1967

Suddenly it was Friday. All us of girls felt a sinking feeling because it would soon be over and we’d be back to reality. No more magic, no more mystery, no more dreamy Beatles. We all sang and drank beer from bottles as the bus rolled along towards London. Some of us tried to get the boys to sing THEIR songs but they stuck to the old-timers.

Barbara King – From The Beatles Monthly Book, November 1967

FRIDAY: I must have shown my misery this morning because John said “Don’t we look ‘appy then!” and grinned. We had lunch at a fish and chip shop and the funniest thing was the way people rushed off to tell their neighbours that The Beatles were there. There was a steady flow of sightseers while our chip-eating was being filmed! Later we stopped at a transport cafe for tea. To my surprise there wasn’t even ONE record by The Beatles on the juke box!

Sylvia Nightingale – From The Beatles Monthly Book, November 1967

From Paul McCartney and The Beatles filming in Newquay and Cornwall coast in rarely seen pictures – Cornwall Live – The yellow and blue Magical Mystery Tour bus waits for The Beatles to climb on board outside the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay, on September 15, 1967 (Image: David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images)
From Paul McCartney and The Beatles filming in Newquay and Cornwall coast in rarely seen pictures – Cornwall Live – Local residents and extras crowd around the Beatles Magical Mystery coach outside the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay (Image: David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images)
From Paul McCartney and The Beatles filming in Newquay and Cornwall coast in rarely seen pictures – Cornwall Live – It’s a wrap as cast, crew and local schoolchildren join John, Paul, George and Ringo outside the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay as they get ready to leave Cornwall after three days of filming for Magical Mystery Tour in September 1967 (Image: David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images)
From .: What We Did On Our Holidays: Cornwall 2020-21 (
From Meet the Beatles for Real: The guys practice for Your Mother Should know (Haha!) – September 15, 1967 
From 15 September 1967 – MMT – Newquay >> Taunton >> London – Beatles and Solo Photos Forum (
From 15 September 1967 – MMT – Newquay >> Taunton >> London – Beatles and Solo Photos Forum (
From 15 September 1967 – MMT – Newquay >> Taunton >> London – Beatles and Solo Photos Forum (
From Paul McCartney and The Beatles filming in Newquay and Cornwall coast in rarely seen pictures – Cornwall Live – Paul McCartney makes some canine friends during filming in Newquay (Image: David Redfern/Redferns/Getty Images)

Eating chips during filming of Magical Mystery Tour – from Magical Mystery Tour | The Beatles
From Meet the Beatles for Real: Missing scene
From When The Beatles visited Newquay September 1967 (

From The Guardian, February 15, 2014:

The Beatles hadn’t been in Taunton for four years – they played their last gig in the Somerset town in September 1963 – but on this Friday afternoon it provided a charmingly odd interlude in a chaotic time for the group. […] At their hotel [in Newquay] they met Amy and James Smedley, who invited them to drop by their Taunton chippie. With the group’s fondness for acting on “random” events (partly a result of eastern mysticism, partly drug-induced, partly for the hell of it) they phoned up three days later to say that they would indeed be passing by, and could they shoot some film while they were?

Beatles pop in for fish and chips…

Mr. and Mrs. James and Amy Smedley, who run a fish and chip shop in Roman Road, Taunton, had a visit from the Beatles over the week-end.

Mrs. Smedley had been taking as an extra in a film which the Beatles were making near Newquay recently. In the course of chatting with the Beatles she told them she and her husband had a fish and chip shop in Taunton. Then, out of the blue, on Friday last, Mrs. Smedley had a call to say the Beatles were arriving later.


“They all arrived roundabout lunch time and did some more filming outside the shop,” she said. “All of them came in to see us — John, Ringo, Paul and George and they each asked for fish and chips which they ate in the shop,” Mrs. Smedley said at her home in Kingston St. Mary, near Taunton, yesterday.


“It was wonderful having them,” Mrs. Smedley said. “They were ever so nice, and we hope that their film, in which I was an extra in an excursion coach, will be a success.

“I understand it is to be a colour film for television,” Mrs. Smedley said.

From Evening Post – September 18, 1967
From Evening Post – September 18, 1967

From .: What We Did On Our Holidays: Cornwall 2020-21 ( – The Atlantic Hotel guestbook which, like every other guest, the four Beatles signed on the day they checked out. Amusingly, Paul has given the fictitious Hungry Hall, Herts (Hertfordshire) as his address which has prompted George to write his as Hampton Court, a genuine royal palace which was the home of King Henry VIII. Not joining in the joke , Ringo has simply put Surrey, the county where he genuinely lived. John has put the northern county of Yorkshire. You might put this down to John just being John until you realise that throughout the filming of Magical Mystery Tour, in every scene where he’s playing himself, he speaks in a Yorkshire accent. Clearly he was in his method acting phase!
From .: What We Did On Our Holidays: Cornwall 2020-21 ( – Autographs obtained by Miss Davis, Atlantic Hotel Receptionist.

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