Magical Mystery Tour

• For The Beatles

Timeline This film has been released in 1967

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I got the general impression there was something wrong with it. Aren’t we entitled to have a flop? It’s hard, because it’s our first, but we’ll get used to the idea. The lesson is good for us, and we’re not bitter about it.

Paul McCartney – from New Musical Express, January 6, 1968
From Twitter

We were supposed to be on The Magical Mystery Tour. The Beatles used to come and see us sometimes, like at certain concerts like the Saville Theater, and Paul told me about this little scene he had. They were planning to do a film and he wanted us to be in this film. We weren’t known then when asked us. He was trying to help us, but we got a nice break before they got the movie together.

Jimi Hendrix – From “Eyewitness: Jimi Hendrix” by Johnny Black, 2004

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