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Sunday, December 17, 1967

Private colour screening of “Magical Mystery Tour”

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  • Location: Hanover Grand, 6 Hanover Street, London, UK


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On this day, December 17, 1967, a private screening of The Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” was organized, ahead of its BBC1 premiere on December 26. The primary audience for this event was the secretaries of the Beatles fan club. Two members of the Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison, along with Spencer Davis, were in attendance.


The Beatles invited Fan Club Area Secretaries from all over the U.K. to London on December 17. Forty secretaries plus their guests travelled to the capital — all expenses paid — and saw a preview colour screening of “Magical Mystery Tour”. Afterwards they chatted with John and George over tea before seeing “The Beatles at Shea Stadium”. Ringo was still in Rome filming “Candy” and Paul was up in Scotland so both missed the get-together. A few days later the Beatles again played hosts to over 200 guests at a “Magical Mystery Tour” Christmas Dinner Party held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London. The cast and production team of the T.V. film, plus the entire staff of Nems Enterprises were amongst those invited. Everybody wore fancy dress for the occasion.

From The Beatles Monthly Book – January 1968
From The Beatles Monthly Book – January 1968

Beatles host fan club, ‘Tour’ parties

BEATLES played host to fan club secretaries on Sunday, and will also act as hosts for the case and production team of Magical Mystery Tour – plus the staff of NEMS Enterprises – today (Thursday) in a big Christmas fancy-dress party.

Beatle party No. 1 took place at London’s Hanover Grand Film and Art Theatre on Sunday afternoon. Arca secretaries of the Fan Club came from all parts of Britain to be entertained by John and George. They were shown the “Magical Mystery Tour” film — to be seen on BBBC-TV on Boxing Day – and also the now-historic film of the Beatles at New York’s Shea

Paul McCartney was unable to be present as he was on his farm in Scotland, and Ringo was returning from Rome where he has been filming in “Candy.” He arrived on Sunday evening.

Beatle party No. 2 takes place at a “secret rendezvous” in London today (Thursday). Apart from those connected with the Magical Mystery Tour TV film, and NEMS, Beatles will be inviting along a few “close friends.”

“Hello, Goodbye,” still holding its position at No. 1 in the cart, has now sold over half-a-million in Britain, while the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” EP is coming up to the half-million mark, and has qualified for a Silver Disc award (250,000 British sales).

The TV film of “Magical Mystery Tour” is repeated on BBC-2 in colour at 10 pm on January 5.

Paul McCartney missed both Beatles’ Christmas parties this week. Instead of staying in London for the merrymaking and festivities he drove with girlfriend Jane Asher to his farmhouse “hideaway” in the Scottish highlands. They will be away about a week.

Paul are Jane are pictured (right) en route, accompanied by Paul’s English sheepdog, Martha.

From Disc And Music Echo – December 23, 1967
From Disc And Music Echo – December 23, 1967


Sunday December 17 1967

Hello! Glad you could make it! To save me saying the same thing to about 80 different people here’s a run-down on this afternoon’s programme. The times are approximate.

It’s to be a ’’Double Feature” show – we’re going to see “THE BEATLES AT SHEA STADIUM” as well as “MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR”. The Shea Stadium film was shot in New York in August 1965 so it will be interesting to watch the current and the two-year-old Beatles alongside one another.

Here’s the timetable:
2.20 p.m. : Screening of MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR
3.15 p.m. : Refreshments
3.45 p.m. : Screening Of THE BEATLES AT SHEA STADIUM

Incidentally you will see the FULL-LENGTH 55-minute version of ’’MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR”. To fit in with BBC-1 Boxing Day schedules the version shown on telly will be several minutes SHORTER.


FREDA KELLY National Secretary

From Meet the Beatles for Real: 50 years ago — Area Secretary gathering
From tracks.co.uk – A membership card for the Cook’s Ferry Inn, London that has been autographed inside by John Lennon, George Harrison and Spencer Davis. The autographs were obtained at a private screening for Beatles fan club secretaries of The Beatles film ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ that took place at the Film And Art Theatre, Hanover Grand, London on 17th December 1967. The autographs come with a letter from the original recipient that reads ‘My friend and I were invited to meet John Lennon, George Harrison and Spencer Davis in 1967 at a preview of the Beatles film Magical Mystery tour. Prior to the film, we enjoyed drinks and food with them, which is when they signed my membership card. During the film John Lennon sat close to me. When he later took my hand, after the movie, my false fingernails bent up in his hand and two or three came off in his hand! Much to John’s amusement. At the very same moment, my bra strap broke (l had very large boobs back them), so I had one boob up and one boob down. More amusement from everyone and very embarrassing for me!!’ The autographed membership card comes complete with the false nails that feel off into John Lennon’s hand!. The card measures 10cm x 7.5cm (4 inches x 3 inches). The condition is very good plus.

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