Hello Goodbye

Promotional film • For The Beatles • Directed by Paul McCartney

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From B34392 – John Lennon & George Harrison 1967 Hello, Goodbye Video Handwritten Instructions (UK) – £OFFERS – Tracks – An incredibly rare handwritten instruction sheet for the filming of The Beatles music video ‘Hello Goodbye’. The video was produced by Paul McCartney and was shot in November 1967. The title ‘HELLO GOODBYE’ and the drawings at the top of the sheet are all in the hand of John Lennon. Lines 1 – 1 to 2 – 4 are all in the hand of John Lennon, lines 2 – 5 and 2 – 6 are in the hand of George Harrison, line 2 – 7 is in the hand of Mal Evans. Various parts of the song’s lyrics are also handwritten within the sheet.

I just ran out there: ‘Get a shot of this! Do this for a bit now! Let’s have a shot there! Get a close-up of him! Get the girls on their own! Go back there! Get a wide angle! We’ll edit it, we’ll make it work.’

From The Beatles | Facebook

(Directing) was something I’d always been interested in, until I actually tried it… There was so much of that going on – so many decisions to be made – that I ended up hating it.

From The Beatles | Facebook

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