The Daily Express publishes psychedelic photos of The Beatles

Friday, February 23, 1968

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In August 1967, The Beatles were photographed by Richard Avedon. The black and white photos of the four Beatles were transformed into vivid and psychedelic images – and published for the first time in the January 9, 1968 edition of the US magazine Look.

In the UK, the Daily Express published those photos in its February 23, 1968 edition.

A form in the magazine allowed readers to buy posters of the photos, along with a special Beatles banner (“Super-sized Beatle banner. Order your four big full colour posters now and get a free 3 1/2 ft. wide black and white Beatle Banner of the whole swinging group“).

From Richard Avedon. Paul McCartney. 1967 | MoMA:

In keeping with the Beatles’ pioneering desire to experiment with unconventional formats in their music and the packaging of their albums, their manager Brian Epstein commissioned Avedon to photograph the band members and design a set of posters that would visually capture the new psychedelic direction of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour. Avedon overlaid the solarized prints with Day-Glo colors and symbolic attributes Ringo’s white peace dove, George’s mystical henna patterns, Paul’s flower power, and John’s trippy eyeglasses. The posters were printed in four different countries and released simultaneously through popular magazines for maximum international impact.

Those psychedelic photos would later be used for the packaging of the 2000 compilation album, “1”.

From – Advert in the February 27, 1968 edition of the Daily Express
From The Beatles Richard Avedon Daily Express posters – Dec 07, 2005 | CooperOwen in United Kingdom ( set of Richard Avedon Psychedelic Beatles posters, in original tube, 1968Five posters commissioned by the Daily Express newspaper, comprising four individual psychedelic portraits together with another featuring a panoramic photograph of the entire band, in the original cardboard delivery tube. – Condition: Fair, some tears and creasing. Each portrait poster measures approx. 19 x 27 inch. (48 x 68cm). Panoramic poster measures approx. 40 x 15 inch. (102 x 36cm).
From Various | The Beatles (
From Various | The Beatles (
From Various | The Beatles (
From Melody Maker – February 24, 1968

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