The first Apple ad appears in the New Musical Express

Saturday, February 24, 1968

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The New Musical Express magazine issue #1102, dated February 24, 1968, featured the first of a series of 1/4 page advertisements for Apple that Paul McCartney placed to promote the Beatles’ new business, Apple Corps Ltd. Those ads were unusual photos or drawings, with no text but the word “Apple” on it.

Paul picks the pictures out at the Keystone Picture Agency. He just went down there and browsed through the old photos they had. They don’t really mean anything on their own, but they’re leading up to something … and one week, they’ll just say it.

Ringo Starr – From “The Beatles: Off the Record” by Keith Badman

All those weird photos which you have seen in the Musical press recently advertising the Beatles’ Apple companies, have been selected by Paul.

He thought up the idea for the Apple advertising campaigns and visited many of the photo agencies in London so that he could plough through thousands of photos in order to find what he wanted.

The campaign has still many months to run, so there are still lots of Paul’s Pix to come.

From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°58, May 1968
From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°58, May 1968

From New Musical Express – February 24, 1968
From New Musical Express – March 9, 1968
From New Musical Express – March 23, 1968
From New Musical Express – April 6, 1968
From New Musical Express – June 1, 1968
From New Musical Express – June 16, 1968
From New Musical Express – June 29, 1968

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