Allen Klein becomes business manager of Apple

Friday, March 21, 1969

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On this day, Allen Klein was officially appointed the business manager of Apple for the next three years. Under the terms of the contract, he would not receive any money from existing recording contracts but would earn 20% of any increase he negotiated on those contracts.

The decision had been put to a vote a few days earlier. Paul McCartney was not present at this Apple board meeting, being on a honeymoon with his new wife Linda, but had sent his solicitor, Charles Coman, to vote against this decision. He was outvoted by the other Beatles.

Everything changed when Klein took over… for a start Paul wasn’t there.

Neil Aspinall – From “And In The End” by Ken McNab

There was a Daily Mail article published on 1 May 1969 titled ‘Beatles man gets the sack after seven years” in which Alistair Taylor had been interviewed by reporter Douglas Marlborough the previous day after hearing the bad news from Peter Brown and while clearing out his desk.

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Rolling Stones business manager Allen Klein arrived in London on Monday and began discussions with the Beatles and executives of Apple.

Klein has been invited by Apple to look into their financial affairs.

Apple press office said on Monday: “He will be conferring daily with the Beatles”.

Apple denied that the Beatles were planning to move to America’s West Coast. “Apple are looking for a base there to start an American Apple. The Beatles won’t move there, but they may commute more often”, said a spokesman.

The group’s project live TV concerts are “in abeyance”. It seems unlikely that they will take place in the near future.

From New Musical Express, March 1, 1969
From New Musical Express, March 1, 1969

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