The Beatles have lunch with Capitol Records president

Saturday, August 10, 1968
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Ritz Hotel, London, UK

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On this day, Capitol Records president Stan Gortikov met with The Beatles. They had a morning tea together at the Apple Corps headquarters, following by a lunch at the Ritz Hotel.

Paul McCartney had already met with Capitol Records executives during his June trip in Los Angeles.

Stanley Gortikov, President of America’s Capitol Records Inc. the corporation which is to handle Apple Records in the USA, flew to London in the second week of August to discuss in detail with The Beatles elaborate plans for the launching of the record label on the far side of the Atlantic.

The first batch of four Apple singles – “Sour Milk Sea” by Jackie Lomax, “Those Were The Days” by Mary Hopkin, “Thingumybob” by The Black Dyke Mills Band and “Hey Jude” by The Beatles – are getting a simultaneous release in Britain and America. Capitol plan to launch these discs with a National Apple Month in America.

From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°62, September 1968
From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°62, September 1968

Top London restaurants and hotels still stick with their absurdly old-fashioned tradition about dress. When he took Capitol Records’ American chief Stanley Gortikov to lunch at the Ritz, Paul had trouble at the restaurant doorway when officials refused to let him enter without a tie. At length they gave in and let him eat in his smart-looking, roll-neck sweater…

From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°63, October 1968

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