“McGough & McGear” album launched with a lunch party

Friday, May 17, 1968

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On this day, the album “McGough & McGear” by poet Roger McGough and Mike McGear, brother of Paul McCartney, was published. A small lunch party was organized, and copies of the album were given away with a press release written by Derek Taylor, which read:


Thank you for coming to lunch.

It is very nice of you and we are your friends.

Now then, what do you want to know about it all?

“Oh well of course” you may say “How do we know what we want to know; surely you would be the best judge of that. After all is said and done, what is there to know?” It is so much a case of guessing, for there’s no knowing what anyone would want to know.


Let us guess. Eyes down.

“Our father, all the eights, 88 … …”

We are already confusing the issue.

This approach is what the psychiatrists call “maze making” or “problem posing” or “crisis creating” brought about in order to find a solution, or an exit line.

Now … …. some names … …

Jane and Mrs. Asher … William I Bennet (WIB) … Spencer Davies (is) … Barry Fantoni … Mike Hart … Jimi Hendrix … Vera Kantrovitch … Gary Leeds … Dave Mason and Carol … MIKE McGEAR … ROGER McGOUGH … John Mayall … Paul McCartney … John Mitchell … Zoot … Graham Nash … Viv Prince (yes) … Andy Roberts … Prince “Stash” de Rola … Paul Samwell-Smith … Martin Wilkinson …

What have they in common? What have they not? They are all beautiful. The two in capital letters are here today. They made the album. You have in your hand or adjacent. They are in the Scaffold. (The capital letters were mine not theirs. McGear and McGough have no egos.)

The other people are friends. Friends. Friends who all contributed to the album in one way or many or all or a little.

At any rate they all went into the recording session and sang or played or beat some tangible thing or simply waved their arms to create in the air some benign (we mean, of course, benign) turbulence.

McGear and McGough are from Liverpool poetic and funny, concerned and open…. Well listen, we are all here together now aren’t we? In circumstances such as these, who needs a press release?

Have we not tongues to speak.

You are kind.

Thank you.


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