Paul McCartney invites Linda Eastman to London

September 1968

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Early September, Paul McCartney invited Linda Eastman to come and visit him in London. They had met in May 1967 in London and fell in love together in June 1968 while in Los Angeles.

Then in September 1968 Paul rang me out of the blue and asked me if I fancied coming over to England. He said The Beatles were recording an album and that I should just show up. I was still carefully preserving my independence so I waited a while and then bought my own ticket and boarded a plane for London. I just wanted to see what would happen.

The evening I arrived I went straight to Paul’s house and when Paul came back home early in the morning he told me that they had just recorded a song of John’s called “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”, which he was thrilled with.

From then on I started going over quite regularly to Abbey Road where they were recording what became known as The White Album. I was just Paul’s girlfriend then and I didn’t want to intrude too much. I was very shy and I didn’t want people to think I was taking advantage. That’s why I never took as many photographs as I could have done.

Linda McCartney – from “Linda McCartney’s Sixties“, 1992

Linda came to London, leaving his daughter from a previous marriage in New York. She would travel back to New York, with Paul, on October 20, once the recording of the White Album was over.

From Linda McCartney (@lindamccartney) • Instagram photos and videos – Linda by Paul. London, 1968⁣
From Linda McCartney (@lindamccartney) • Instagram photos and videos – Paul. London, 1968
From Linda McCartney (@lindamccartney) • Instagram photos and videos – Paul and Tabby Cat, London, 1968.
From Linda McCartney (@lindamccartney) • Instagram photos and videos – Kitten and Tulips, London, 1968
From Linda McCartney (@lindamccartney) • Instagram photos and videos – Paul and Martha, London, 1968

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