The marketing campaign for “McCartney III” starts

Friday, October 16, 2020


There had been rumours for some weeks about the upcoming “McCartney III” album… In an interview for GQ in August 2020, when asked how the lockdown situation due to covid-19 pandemic went for him, McCartney declared:

I’ve been able to write and get into music, starting songs, finishing songs. I’ve had a few little things to write and it’s given me the time to finish some songs that I hadn’t found the time to get around to, you know? I’ve been recording using lots of hand wipes and disinfectant and social distancing, which was good because I don’t like not working.

But what really sparked the rumours is a message on Steve Hoffman’s music forums that “the new record is finished”. From there, some people looked at songs registered by McCartney on the ASCAP site, and found these unreleased titles: “Special Day“, “Quiet Moment” and “Til You Drop” (wrong clues, as those tracks didn’t end up on “McCartney III“). It has also been noticed that the domain name “” was registered by CSC Corporate Domains on August 28, 2020 – the same company who registered, and (used to promote the 2020 Flaming Pie – Archive Collection).

On September 26, 2020, Rusty Anderson appeared on the Tone-Talk! podcast in live streaming, and declared (this part was removed when the podcast was available as replay):

Paul said that he — ’cause we’ve been hangin’ in Covid — he basically, kind of, finished a record. ‘Cause he had, sort of, nothin’ to do but go down to his studio and record, y’know? So, he sort of, did everything himself. I think there’s a song that we ended up on, that we cut earlier.

Rusty Anderson
Published by celebrity make-up artist Belinda Moss towards the end of September (then removed) – “Just another day in Sag Harbor with my Buddy Paul McCartney He is doing a documentary with the fabulous Rick Rubin”. The first photo which participated in the rumour mill, on the new album – in the end, this photo was not related to “McCartney III” but to another project.
From, October 8, 2020 – “A glimpse of the Sussex Studio while making some recordings a few months ago”. Photos published by Mike Carrera, which participated in the rumour mill.

On October 2, the official website launched a new playlist on Spotify streaming music platform, with a focus on songs that feature Paul McCartney playing all the instruments:

Before Paul sang and played bass guitar in The Beatles he started off on the trumpet, but do you know how many instruments he plays in total? Take a look at his songs over the years and you’ll find him playing everything from guitar, piano and drums, to banjo, cello, electric organ, sitar, melodica and even a washboard – the list goes on!  

For this month’s ‘Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket’ playlist, we’re listening to songs that feature Paul playing all the instruments. Yes, that’s right, every single one! From ‘Confidante’, the self-proclaimed love song from Paul to his guitar on Egypt Station to the kooky cowbells and aerosol on ‘Oo You’ from his debut solo album McCartney, we’ve selected tracks that show as many weird, wonderful and rocking instruments as possible. 

There’s only one song on this month’s playlist that features another musician – can you tell which one it is? We’ll give you a clue: listen out for the backing vocals… 

On October 16, 2020, there was another marketing push on social networks to promote this playlist. Except that this time, when listening to “Coming Up” and “Waterfalls” (from “McCartney II“) and “Oo You” and “Man We Was Lonely” (from “McCartney“), we could see a die rolling on the screen and stopping with the number “3” (the die animation was made available on all tracks of the “McCartney” and “McCartney II” albums). Also, the playlist was published at 3.33pm British Standard Time !

Marketing push for the playlist of songs that feature Paul McCartney playing all the instruments, October 16, 2020

Also, on the same day, a die icon was added to the various profiles of McCartney on social networks:

Paul McCartney’s Twitter profile, featuring the dice, as of October 16, 2020
Paul McCartney’s Instagram profile, featuring the dice, as of October 16, 2020

And the “” website, which was previously inaccessible, was changed to show a 303 error (sic), instead of the classic 404 error – another reference to the number 3. This error page also had a die as favicon. Here’s another clue for you all…

The “” website as it appears on October 16, 2020

Looking at the source code of this error page, tech-savvy people could find the following hint – the word “Three” in binary:

/ *

* /

This hint would be changed a couple of days after, to invite users to visit , an augmented reality app that displays a die overlaid on what you see through the camera of your phone.

/ *


* /

On October 19, various journalists and fans received three dice as a promo item from Capitol Records.

From journalist Allan Kozinn

On October 20, an article from The Sun mentioned a music insider saying:

Paul has been totally alone, with no producer or sound engineer, while making this record, just as he was for the previous two volumes. Obviously, this time around recording in isolation wasn’t his choice. But it made complete sense for this album to be the third in the trilogy, particularly given the first came out five decades ago. It’s been a true solo effort and he had to get experimental with what he used as instruments, hence the saucepan [used as a percussion instrument].

On the same day, October 20, the following three photos were published on the official social media accounts of Paul McCartney.

From Instagram – “Photo of three mushrooms taken by Paul”
From Instagram
From Instagram

Those three photos would be the latest clue, as the official announcement came on October 21.

But the marketing promotion didn’t end with the announcement. On October 23, it was reported that some “McCartney III” stamps were seen on sidewalks in Hollywood and Manhattan.

From Beatlesfan official Facebook page

Last updated on October 24, 2020


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Mike Kennedy 4 years ago

Got a set of three dice very cool, only a Beatle would do this! Paul's biggest hint on a new McCartney 3 album comes in the mail, to me! Beautiful McCartney dice bag with three dice which only have the number 3 on each side except one that says McCartney. Classic!

St. Louis Classic Rock 4 years ago

Well, we got a package today, unsolicited from Capitol Records, with three dice in a nice gray dice-bag. The bag had "McCartney" on it, and the three dice were all Threes other than one side that had "McCartney" on it.

Charlie Eklund 4 years ago

I received a McCartney-marked bag today containing 3 dice. The dice have 3 dots on 5 sides and "McCartney" on the 6th. I would include photos if I could and have posted photos on my Facebook wall. The package was shipped UPS Next Day Air by Capitol Music Group under the heading of Marketing with Mickey Benthall listed as the artist project number. I've been a buyer of McCartney Archive Collection reissues directly from Paul's webstore and that is most likely the reason I received this package. Good times.

The PaulMcCartney Project 4 years ago

Guys, I'm so jealous - nothing in my mailbox, enjoy!

St. Louis Classic Rock 4 years ago

We posted

St. Louis Classic Rock 4 years ago

Sorry hit return too fast..we posted a photo of the bag and dice on our site, click the nick here and look for a link that says "mysterious dice arrive" etc

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