The Paul McCartney Project

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Release date:
Sep 15, 2017
Roswell Records / RCA Records

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Track list

Disc 1



1:22 • Studio version



5:23 • Studio version


Make It Right

4:39 • Studio version


The Sky Is A Neighborhood

4:04 • Studio version


La Dee Da

4:02 • Studio version


Dirty Water

5:20 • Studio version



4:26 • Studio version


Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)

3:41 • Studio version


Sunday Rain

Written by Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendel, Rami Jaffee, Taylor Hawkins

6:11 • Studio version

Paul McCartney :
Dave Grohl :
Pat Smear :
Greg Kurstin :
Producer, Synth
Chris Shiflett :
Nate Mendel :
Rami Jaffee :
Organ, Synth, Wurlitzer piano
Taylor Hawkins :
Lead vocals


The Line

3:38 • Studio version


Concrete And Gold

5:31 • Studio version


From Amazon editorial reviews:

I wanted it to be the biggest sounding Foo Fighters record ever. To make a gigantic rock record but with Greg Kurstin’s sense of melody and arrangement… Motorhead’s version of Sgt. Pepper… or something like that.” So speaks Dave Grohl of the mission statement made manifest in Foo Fighters’ ninth epic, the aptly-titled Concrete and Gold, due out September 15 worldwide on Roswell Records / RCA Records. Concrete and Gold was written and performed by Foo Fighters, produced by Greg Kurstin and Foo Fighters, and mixed by Darrell Thorp.

From ET Canada, July 31, 2017:

[…] We got to sit down with the Foo Fighters and Grohl revealed to us who one of the surprise guests on the album is: Paul McCartney.

Paul McCartney plays drums on one of our songs. He’s a pal. We’ve known him for a long. He’s great. He’s the most wonderful person in the world. He’s a great guy,” Grohl said.

He hadn’t even heard of the song. He comes in and Dave picked up an acoustic and showed him real quick. He sat on his special drum set that his tech set up for him. I sat there with a drumstick conducting. He did two takes,” the band spilled to ET Canada. […]

From Rolling Stone, September 6, 2017:

[…] But even that wasn’t the Foos’ most exciting guest. That honor belongs to Sir Paul McCartney. He and Grohl are buddies – they socialize with their families and have jammed together a few times. So when McCartney had to borrow [producer Greg Kurstin for his follow-up to 2013 NEW album] in the middle of the Foos’ recording, Grohl decided to call in a favor. He texted McCartney: “Do you want to play drums on one of our new songs?” McCartney’s response? “You’re crazy, man!

But to the band’s delight, he agreed. “Even if it had been banjo, I think I probably would have showed up,” McCartney says. The last time he got a call like that from Grohl was to collaborate on the soundtrack to Grohl’s 2013 documentary, Sound City. “I was jamming with these two guys I’d never met,” McCartney says. “And then I heard them talking in the studio, and it was like, ‘Oh, shit! You guys are fucking Nirvana!’

It’s inspiring,” Grohl says, “because he’s still playing for the same reasons we all started playing when we were young. He just wants to jam.

Unsurprisingly, Paul McCartney is a pretty good drummer. “You don’t generally think of him as a drummer,” Hawkins says. “But he laid that track so fucking effortlessly. He never even heard the song – Dave kind of explained it to him with an acoustic guitar. And he was like, ‘Yeah, yeah. I think I know what you’re doing.’ 

McCartney played two takes; they used the first. “He was so fucking good,” Grohl says. “We played for an hour, then took a break and had bagels and tea. I thought we were done – I didn’t want to rag him out – so I was out having a cig, and someone goes, ‘Hey, Paul wants to jam some more.’ He rounded everybody up, and we jammed for hours: ‘Let’s write some songs, man!’ 

Well, you know,” says McCartney. “Once you get the meter running…” […]

Last updated on September 17, 2017


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