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Memory Almost Full Acoustic Teaser 2007

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Track list

Disc 1


Dance Tonight

Written by Paul McCartney

0:23 • Studio version • #1


Dance Tonight

Written by Paul McCartney

0:27 • Studio version • #2


Ever Present Past

Written by Paul McCartney

2:34 • Studio version • #1


Ever Present Past

Written by Paul McCartney

3:53 • Studio version • #2


Ever Present Past

Written by Paul McCartney

2:27 • Studio version • #3


Ever Present Past

Written by Paul McCartney

3:42 • Studio version • #4


Ever Present Past

Written by Paul McCartney

3:33 • Studio version • #5


Ever Present Past

Written by Paul McCartney

4:39 • Studio version • #6


Ever Present Past

Written by Paul McCartney

0:58 • Studio version • #7


Vintage Clothes

Written by Paul McCartney

3:18 • Studio version


That Was Me

Written by Paul McCartney

1:11 • Studio version


Feet in the Clouds

Written by Paul McCartney

2:36 • Studio version


Blue Moon

Written by Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart

0:45 • Studio version


O Sole Mio

Written by Eduardo di Capua, Giovanni Capurro

0:23 • Studio version


Only Mama Knows

Written by Paul McCartney

3:25 • Studio version


I've Got A Feeling

Written by Lennon - McCartney

3:53 • Studio version


Dance Tonight

Written by Paul McCartney

2:51 • Studio version


Lady Madonna

Written by Lennon - McCartney

2:23 • Studio version


Dance Tonight

Written by Paul McCartney

3:08 • Studio version


Live And Let Die

Written by Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney

3:22 • Studio version


Hey Jude

Written by Lennon - McCartney

4:46 • Studio version


Lady Madonna

Written by Lennon - McCartney

3:14 • Studio version


Get Back

Written by Lennon - McCartney

4:04 • Studio version


I Saw Her Standing There

Written by Lennon - McCartney

3:34 • Studio version


Meat Free Monday

Written by Paul McCartney

1:30 • Studio version


From giginjapan:

Paul was not going on tour for a long time since 1993, as Linda is fighting. Although I was on stage on the way, I was on stage, but the decline of voice was more than I imagined, and it seemed that the tour would not be done again with aging in the latter half of the 1990 ‘s. Paul is still in his forties at this time. It is too early to retire. However, for example, when listening to the concert of Monselat in 1997, it was shocked by the decline of so many voices. However, as a professional baseball pitcher expresses “to make a shoulder”, as soon as it comes to the tour, there will be a reasonable throat adjustment. The tour, which began in 2002, has been surprised by the wonderful singing voice without worrying about age, fantastic performance, not merely letting it not feel any decay.

As a trigger to start the tour since 2002, it is great that he took a new wife. With a wife named Young Heather Mills that is the same as my daughter, we made a large tour in Europe, North America, Japan and South America with 2002 and 2003, one year interval and 2005, and to bring the full revival of Paul to the world It was an impression. However, in 2006 it became a year with few stays on the stage, almost nothing to do on the stage. It is said that it took time to negotiate for divorce with Heather Mills. But instead of going on tour, Paul will be working on a new album along with a band with a tour. The result was “Memory Almost Full”. Fortunately unfortunate, this album can be said to be a product of a valley that did not go on tour due to divorce talks.

The album title seems to be contemporary, and if Paul happened to look at his cell phone, it was triggered that I saw “memory is almost full”. The “memory” of the mobile is the same as the word meaning “memories”. It probably felt some centimeter rhythm there. Adult ‘s rising stairs “diversity of memories” is diverted to the title as it is. The atmosphere that covers the whole album is a mechanical thing that synths are heavily used, and was not it hard to accept for the conventional Paul fans? However, sometimes I feel the willingness of Paul that is not declining because it was the release after receiving the aftermath of the tour from 2002, and because I did Secret Gig in the West to maintain the competence of the band , It was generally popular. “Dance · Tonight” in which Paul sings with mandolin as one hand has long been played on the stage as well, and it is probably the best known song played for the first time in 2015 Budokan performance.

This work contains sound sources related to this “Memory Almost Full”. Although I have not attended the tour this time, I actively do album promotion, I also do appeared on TV with apple. At that time I was singing “Dance Tonight” many times as much as I was bruised. As part of such album promotion, there was a plan that Paul teaches how to play the recorded songs. That is the main “teaser trailer” of this work. “Dance Tonight” has two versions of what was played with mandolin alone. “Ever Present Past” spends a lot of time. At first it was an acoustic performance. Compared to the release version on which the effect was also applied to the vocal using the rhythm machine, this person is directly transmitting the goodness of the song. It is a taste like a studio live by Akogi. Next, Paul talks playing with akogi while guiding the chords, playing while explaining the drums, playing while explaining the bass, playing while explaining the guitar, gradually adding instruments It is interesting that Paul speaks the process leading to the completion of this song by her own words.

The best masterpiece of “Memory Almost Full” is definitely “Vintage Clothes”. Fujiko Fujio once became familiar with drawing comic books, technology got used and it became possible to draw a proper thing even by inertia. However, it is said that it can not be grasped to the mind of the reader. When listening to Paul’s new work since the 2000s, there are still many things that depend on the accumulation of technology for many years, and unfortunately there is no song that resonates in my mind. Of course I think that it is a “something of its own” So I think it is a good song in general, but obviously it differs from Paul’s songs that were obsessed with how it sounds to the heart. Meanwhile, as a work of recent years is very wonderful, this famous piece is “Vintage Clothes”. Like I bought a single, I thought that I could buy an album for this song only.

The splendor of “Vintage Clothes” is beyond description. A nostalgic but forward-looking lyrics, an intro on a beautifully light piano, and Paul come up as soon as the chorus comes out. It’s a nostalgic atmosphere as if you are listening to an unpublished song of Wings, as a song composition that brings the climax sooner, the song gets brighter, and the microphone is pulled in. It seems to get stuck to the chorus of Linda like Uh ~ in the middle. And above all, from here is a nice place ~! How to end. There is something in common with “No Words” that you want to listen to this song for a longer time. It is a perfect masterpiece that there is Paul right here.

Despite being such a masterpiece, never before been played on stage. However, what is recorded in this work is Paul’s live performance by one acoustic guitar. As far as I know it is the only live performance of “Vintage Clothes”. Even if it is a singing with only a pole without a chorus to play only Akogi, the merit of this song can not be hidden. Every arrangement is echoing as a very wonderful alternative version. The scene where Paul mistakenly writes the code is lovely, but due to that, it is also a performance that is nearly one minute longer than the release version. In addition, where the release version was continuously connected to the next “That Was Me”, endings are properly given here. Furthermore, ad lib · vocal also enters before ending, “It is unbearable to” like “Vintage Clothes”.

“That Was Me” is also a version Paul plays with only Akogi. It is well hidden in the release version, but if you listen to this take you can very well understand that this is a song that is conscious of Elvis. It is like a tribute to “Heartbreak Hotel”. However, in the release version, you can not help thinking that arranging it successfully glue-coats and finishes Paul’s songs. If I heard the performance by this acoustic guitar included in this work, I would not notice that this was a tribute to Elvis.

“Feet In The Clouds” is a small piece that is not noticeable in the album. Paul is a live performance by a single acoustic guitar again. In the same flow, Elvis’ s “Blue Moon” and “It’s Now Or Never” original neta “O Sole Mio” is singing. Not only is the album created under the influence that expresses respect for Elvis about what it seems to be okay so far, it is not only “Memory Almost Full” but Elvis is the origin of Paul’s musician It would be an assertion.

From this point onwards the actual live sound source is recorded. Initially I wrote that the tour was not accompanied by this album, but there are numerous television appearances for album promotion, and secret gigs with a single shot occurring. This work has recorded a one-shot stage of this time which was not recorded anywhere until now.

First of all, it is a studio live at the TV program LATER WITH JOOLS HOLLAND who appeared on June 7, 2007. “Memory Almost Full” immediately shows “Only Mama Knows” in the first song. It is a nice rock and tune as if it was recorded on the premise of playing on the live from the beginning and its effect is fully demonstrated here. This song likes Paul likewise in the subsequent tour. It is “Dance Tonight” with one song “I’ve Got A Feeling” in between. Here is the performance in the band. And at the end it concludes with “Lady Madonna”. It is a selection that shows diversity in the live while introducing the album, two songs in the band, mandolin, and piano.

It is a performance on British music festival BRIT AWARDS on February 20, 2008. Paul has won this award both as the Beatles and as a solo, and Paul is playing five songs at this time, so it can be said that considering its achievements, it is quite favorable. From “Memory Almost Full”, it is only one song “Dance Tonight” by the band. There is no way of thinking again considering the character of the award. Other than this, “Live And Let Die”, “Hey Jude”, “Lady Madonna”, “Get Back” are picked up that picked up only the climax of the full concert.

And the final single stage in the blank period until going to a new tour is the performance on GRAMMY AWARDS on February 8, 2009. At this time it is only one song “I Saw Her Standing There”.

The end is “Meat Free Monday”. It is known that Paul is a vegetarian, but even people who are not at all are vegetarian enlightenment songs trying not to eat meat only on Monday. Even though it says a song, it is simply a matter of repeating “Meat Free Monday”, but it is still a song that can feel Paullieness. The recording was performed live in the MPL company building in London.

This album contains sound sources on the album “Memory Almost Full” released in 2007. It is not outflow as a collective outtake as an album, but you can listen to valuable live performances when you are not doing a tour. Especially when you play songs of albums which synths and driving are heavily used like this simple performance of Akogi only or listening with actual live performance, you will surely feel the pleasantness of Paullike songs. In recent years Paul ‘s albums tend to have excessive sound processing and apply strong effects to the vocals themselves, but when listening to this work, they still feel that live songs are eh ~. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed board.


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