Michael Salvatori

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From Wikipedia:

Michael C. Salvatori (born 1954) is an American composer best known for his collaboration with colleague Martin O’Donnell for the soundtracks to the Halo video game series. Salvatori became acquainted with O’Donnell in college; when O’Donnell was given a job offer to score a colleague’s film, Salvatori and O’Donnell formed a partnership and eventually created their own production company, TotalAudio. Salvatori continued to manage TotalAudio and worked on his own music for clients such as Disney and Wideload Games. He most recently co-composed the soundtrack to the 2014 video game Destiny and its expansions, The Taken King (2015) and Rise of Iron (2016). He also composed music for Destiny 2 (2017) and its expansions, Forsaken (2018), Shadowkeep (2019), and Beyond Light (2020).


I had to pinch myself. [Paul McCartney] would send us bits of music that he was working on, and I’m sitting there thinking “well, we can use this, and we can do this, and we can put this there” and stuff like that. And then I have to step back and say “Wow, I’m actually editing Paul McCartney”. I mean I’m like deciding which of those ideas are good and which ones aren’t and stuff like that. Not that they were all wonderful! Wow, it was what a good a moment, you know, for me.

Michael Salvatori – from Youtube

When we were in New York, the guy who was engineering for us, sort of producing that particular session, in New York was Giles Martin, who is George Martin’s son. For about 45 minutes there was a period where he just rift on George in things they tried in the studio and he was going in the mixing console and showing us what they would do and we were just like “Oh my God we’re getting a lesson on like from one of the Beatles right now and how they recorded”. I think he was talking about Revolver, and we were like I didn’t even want to move, I didn’t want to break the moment, I didn’t want to say anything because you just want to let it flow.

Michael Salvatori – from Youtube

Last updated on December 12, 2020


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