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Hambourg • Monday, December 24, 1962

ConcertBy The Beatles • Part of the Star-Club 3rd residency
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This was the 69th concert played at Star-Club.

A total of 75 concerts have been played there • 1962Apr 13thApr 14thApr 15thApr 16thApr 17thApr 18thApr 19thApr 21stApr 22ndApr 23rdApr 24thApr 25thApr 26thApr 27thApr 28thApr 29thApr 30thMay 1stMay 2ndMay 3rdMay 4thMay 5thMay 6thMay 7thMay 8thMay 9thMay 10thMay 11thMay 12thMay 13thMay 14thMay 15thMay 16thMay 17thMay 18thMay 19thMay 20thMay 21stMay 22ndMay 23rdMay 24thMay 25thMay 26thMay 27thMay 28thMay 29thMay 30thMay 31stNov 1stNov 2ndNov 3rdNov 4thNov 5thNov 6thNov 7thNov 8thNov 9thNov 10thNov 11thNov 12thNov 13thNov 14thDec 18thDec 19thDec 20thDec 21stDec 22ndDec 23rdDec 24thDec 26thDec 27thDec 28thDec 29thDec 30thDec 31st

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