Paris • Sunday, January 19, 1964 • Second show

ConcertBy The Beatles • Part of the Winter 1964 France Shows
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Olympia Hall

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Chantal Delsaux, of Rue des Fenouillets, Argenteuil 95, France, sent us this story about her meeting with The Beatles. It wins her ten guineas.

ANY girl would have certainly loved A to take my place on this special day, the day of my meeting with The Beatles. It was the fourth day of their three weeks’ appearance at the Paris Olympia. 

It was their first visit in this town, so they were just known, not famed and loved as they are now. It was certainly easier to meet them then, than it is now. 

I was watching their act on stage, when a friend told me they were staying at the George V Hotel, and that it would be wonderful if we could meet them. So, after the show, we jumped into a taxi to the hotel, just in time to see The Beatles running straight from their car (the black Austin Princess) to the entrance of the hotel.

We were very disappointed and my friend decided to go back home. I jumped out of the car to see one of their road managers (it was Malcolm Evans) who was getting out of the Austin Princess. With all my courage, I asked him if it could be possible to see The Beatles, to take some pictures with my camera. I was mad when he answered “yes” and took me by the lift to their second-floor suite apartments, Nos. 122-123-124. 

He knocked at the door and the face of No. 2 road manager (Neil Aspinall) appeared and let me in.

I was very happy when I’d been introduced to The Beatles. I was a little bit afraid in those luxurious apartments. I listened to records (especially Trini Lopez ones), talked with them and took pictures of them during about one hour long. I did my best to speak a good English. While I was taking some pictures of them, Ringo I was doing the same with his camera.

During my visit, I heard a ‘phone call from two English girls who were asking for John. I don’t think they realised that Paul was answering them.

They weren’t proud or sophisticated as many other stars are, they were very funny, even though they teased me a bit.

I think they will always be charming and nice with people who are the same with them.

After this gorgeous day, I’ve met them four times again, before they left Paris. 

For me, the unknown French girl, it was one of the greatest days of my life.

From Fabulous 208 – September 3, 1966
From Fabulous 208 – September 3, 1966

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