Here, There and Everywhere

Promotional film • For The Beatles • Directed by Rok Predin
Timeline This film has been released in 2022
Release date:
Dec 07, 2022

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Here, There And Everywhere

2022 • For The Beatles

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To promote the 2022 reissue of the “Revolver” album, Apple Corps published a promo video for The Beatles’ “Here, There and Everywhere“. This was the third promo video to support the “Revolver” reissue, after the release of “Taxman” on October 14, 2022, and “I’m Only Sleeping” on November 1, 2022.

From The Beatles – Here, There and Everywhere – YouTube:

“Follow the band on tour, as they face an ever-changing backdrop of cities, hotels, roads, and gigs, with only each other to rely on. A magical dancer appears to each of them, representing inspiration and creative freedom.” – Richard Barnett, Trunk Animation.

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The Beatles’ 1966 album Revolver changed everything. Spinning popular music off its axis and ushering in a vibrant new era of experimental, avant-garde sonic psychedelia, Revolver brought about a cultural sea change and marked an important turn in The Beatles’ own creative evolution. With Revolver, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr set sail together across a new musical sea.

Showcasing GRAMMY-winning original album artwork created by Klaus Voormann, the Super Deluxe CD and vinyl house a beautiful book featuring Paul McCartney’s foreword, an introduction by Giles Martin, an enlightening essay by Questlove, and insightful chapters by Kevin Howlett.

Music video by The Beatles performing Here, There and Everywhere © 2022 Apple Corps Ltd

From, December 20, 2022:

Label: Universal Music
Producer: Sophie Hilton

Client: Apple Corps
Producer: Jonathan Clyde

Production: Trunk Animation
Director: Rok Predin
Illustrator: Sara Savelj Predin
3D Modeller: Omar Lawal
3D Rigger/Animator: Alan Towndrow
3D Animator: Alex Watson:
2D Animator: Eamonn O’Neil, Layla Atkinson
Effects Animator: Leslie Dart
Compositor: Rok Predin
Archive Researcher: Adrian Winter
Archivist: Aaron Bremner
Producer: Richard Barnett

Roto: Rotomaker

Visually the whole film is an homage to the rotoscoping technique of animation as it was used in the film Yellow Submarine. We didn`t have the time (just six weeks) nor the budget to make it ‘for real’, so we had to think of a way to emulate the feel and look of it.

We had quite a few archive shots we could rotoscope and then comp in such a way as to make them look like the desired technique. We extracted alphas for the shapes of certain elements like skin, hair, coats, shirts, etc., and matted them to boiling colored textures.

We used the same passes to extract some lines using Adobe`s Cartoon effect. The mattes enabled us to restrict certain settings of the effect to just the desired areas.

Then we needed to match that treatment to the animation coming out of 3D. We used 3D models of each of the band members to tie the animation of separate archive shots together.

What we needed was a convincing 3D sculpt of each of the band, so that we could animate them, and then treat them in the same way that we would treat the live action footage. Using references from Apple Corps own archive modeler Omar Lawal set about sculpting the band over a couple of weeks.

We also imagined the love that you’ve left behind, in the video this developed into this magical dancer animated by Eamonn O’Neill.

We were always confident we could recreate the look, but nowadays these things come down to a near mathematical formula, finding just the right levels of multiple effects, and balancing their outputs.

The visual language of the video is a contemporary interpretation of styles from the past using new technologies, complementing the sonic transformation that the song has undergone for the new release of the Revolver album.

Rok Predin – Director – From, December 20, 2022

Last updated on December 23, 2022


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