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On June 11, 1965, it was announced that The Beatles were appointed Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Queen Elizabeth II after Prime Minister Harold Wilson nominated them for the award.

A press conference was organized the day after.

John Lennon: I set the alarm for eight o’clock and then I just laid there. I thought, ‘Well, if anyone wants me, they’ll phone me.’ The phone went lots of times, but that’s the one I never answer. My own phone didn’t go at all, so I just laid there.

Reporter: How did you first learn that you were getting the award?

George Harrison: Paul was looking through the pile of fan mail in our dressing room a few weeks back and he came across this envelope that had ‘From the Prime Minister’ written on it. It must have been there at least a couple of days. He opened it and the letter said that he was being considered for an award and would he sign the enclosed form. We all said, ‘We wish we had one,’ then dived through the rest of the mail and found that we did have one – one each!

Paul McCartney: We thought that MBE stood for Mr Brian Epstein, because we always sign his contracts, because he’s our manager.

Reporter: Why have you been honoured this way?

Ringo Starr: Look at the dollars we’ve pulled in from America.

John Lennon: We’ve paid the government quite a bit in tax, don’t you think?

Reporter: Do you think you deserve the awards?

George Harrison: It’s not up to us to say that. The Queen must have thought so, or she wouldn’t have given them to us, would she?

Reporter: What will you do with your medal?

George Harrison: Hang it on the wall.

Ringo Starr: Tuck it around my neck.

Paul McCartney: Keep it in a safe place.

John Lennon: I think I’ll have mine made into a bell push so that people have to press it when they come to the house or I’ll take it to an antique dealer and find out what it is.

Reporter: Do you think Cliff Richard should have got a medal too?

George Harrison: Yes, a leather one with wooden strings.

Reporter: What do you think now of Mr Wilson?

George Harrison: We think of him what we always thought of him. He’s a good lad.


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