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Interview of Paul McCartney
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From, October 1, 2013:

Ask Paul McCartney a NEW question
First live Twitter Q&A
Thursday 3rd October, 2:40PM (GMT)

To mark the launch of his NEW album, Paul is to give his first-ever live Twitter Q&A this week.

NEW, Paul’s first studio album of brand new solo material in six years, sees him working with producers Mark Ronson, Paul Epworth, Ethan Johns and Giles Martin.

Paul will take to Twitter to answer questions about his forthcoming release and the recording process. Fans can send in questions via Twitter by using the hashtag #askMacca.

melissa ‏@dollybird1963: Why did you call the new album ‘New’?

Paul McCartney: Thanks @dollybird1963 I was playing around with more poetic titles but NEW was a simple word and the name of a song on the album

Allen Ramon ‏@allen_sosa: I can’t wait for the New album! What song are you the most proud of on the album? Thank you ! #loveyaman

Paul McCartney: Cheers @allen_sosa I like ‘Early Day’s and the hidden track which is called ‘Scared’. But I like them all.

Carry Your World… ‏@WiressBeetee: What was the inspiration for the album artwork?

Paul McCartney: Thanks @WiressBeetee At meeting about the album cover someone came up with the logo, another said you could treat it in style of Dan Flavin

Tatiane Andrade ‏@tatiii_andrade: What was the most memorable moment during the recording of the NEW album. Can you tell us?

Paul McCartney: Thanks @tatiii_andrade Many memorable moments but especially recording the slide solo at the end of ‘Appreciate’ in LA

Paul McCartney: So many questions coming in right now!

Johan Leijon ‏@JohanLeijon1: What was it like recording with Giles Martin? Any difference from recording with George Martin for so many years?

Paul McCartney: Similar: Both very musical and smart. Different: Giles comes from a younger generation and has a more contemporary approach

Callum Bay ‏@callumbay: Why is your #New song called “Everybody Out There”? And what inspired

Paul McCartney: Cheers @callumbay I wanted to write a song that would get the audience singing along

うをりんぐ@uworing: NEW」の歌詞で「You came along. And made my life a song~」とありますが、これは誰かをイメージして作られたのですか?

Paul McCartney: ありがとう @uworing Nancy!

Thomas O’Keeffe ‏@okeeffe_thomas: Does Nancy have a favourite track from the album?

Paul McCartney: Thanks @okeeffe_thomas Nancy says she likes all of them, but I’ll have to ask her about which is her favourite

skye ‏@campbower: Can you describe the NEW album in one word?

Paul McCartney: Thanks @campbower I’ve been told I can’t say NEW so… “Fresh”!

LEGEND NEVER DIE ♥ ∞ ‏@JacksonBeatles: What is the last album you bought ? ♥ ♥

Paul McCartney: Cheers @JacksonBeatles: The last albums I bought were by @kanyewest @The_National @thecivilwars and @s_c_ (Jay Z)

Michael Fulfs ‏@MichaelFulfs: What would you say is the hardest aspect about writing a song?

Paul McCartney: Thanks @MichaelFulfs Finishing it!

Jess ‏@tardisofbones: Describe your fans in 3 words?

Paul McCartney: Cheers @tardisofbones Fan-Bloody-Tastic!

Nina Chaubal ‏@NinaChaubal: What strings do you use on your Hofner 500/1?

Paul McCartney: Cheers @NinaChaubal I use flat wound .95 gauge

Zico ‏@11Zico: What motivates you to keep on producing music?

Paul McCartney: Thanks @11Zico A love of what I do!

Sara Moller ‏@magicalmysterys: Are there any current artists you’d like to do a duet with?

Paul McCartney: Cheers @magicalmysterys There was a rumour about a year ago that @bobdylan & I might work together but we haven’t picked up on it

Paul McCartney: Hey! Everybody Out There! Thanks for making trend worldwide! Paul’s got time for two more questions

Daphne Mather ‏@4flapjacks: When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably?

Paul McCartney: Thanks @4flapjacks The last time I laughed uncontrollably was yesterday at the video shoot for ‘Queenie Eye’!

Olivia McCartney ‏@olivoil7: What do you think about the fact a large amount of your current fans are teenagers?

Paul McCartney: Thanks @olivoil7 I’m amazed, amused & happy. The band & I are very surprised at what a beautiful young audience we attract!

Paul McCartney: Hi @dollybird1963, thanks for your question. You’ve won this signed CD! Please check your DMs (Click here to see Paul signing the CD, regular edition)

Paul McCartney: Thanks everyone for tweeting in with me! It’s been a great experience and we must do it again sometime… #whatsnew

From Twitter – So many #askMacca questions coming in right now!

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