"Back To The Egg" sessions #1

June 29 - July 27, 1978 • For Wings

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Back To The Egg Official album.
Spirit Of Ranachan Studio, Kintyre, Scotland, UK

Master release

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The month of July, and Wings are at work again recording a new LP. Located out in the middle of nowhere, the RAK Mobile has been used, and the usual familiar faces have been involved. Two new faces to the band though are Lawrence Juber on guitar and Steve Holly on drums. The new band has been working well, and there are some good new songs on tape.

As is usual when we are away from London there were a few events apart from the serious work which are worthy of mention. Steve Rash, a young film director from Texas visited us one weekend and took us to a small old-fashioned cinema to show us the film he has been making over the last few years. It is called “The Buddy Holly Story,” has already been released in America and should be released here in England later in the year. It is hoped that the film will be premiered in London during Buddy Holly Week in September.

Another weekend Denny, Steve, and Chris Thomas chartered a Piper Aztec twin engined light aircraft to go to Blackbushe to see the Bob Dylan Picnic. Denny, who is learning to fly, took the controls most of the way back.

One of the most amusing events occurred on a beach one afternoon when Denny decided to launch his speedboat. Several of us had already repaired some holes in the boat, so it was being tested for leaks. However, as the boat on the trailer was being reversed into the water by Denny’s Range Rover, the sand proved to be softer than anticipated, and very shortly the Range Rover was well and truly stuck in the sand. Chris Thomas, who already had a Range Rover, was sent for to try and tow Denny’s vehicle out of its hole, without success. A local farmer was asked to save the situation by using his tractor for towing. Trevor Jones; who had gone for wood to wedge under the wheels, returned driving another car onto the beach and soon found that one stuck. Chris then tried to tow that car out, but in so doing got his own car stuck, leaving a lot of work for the struggling tractor. By this time a large audience had amassed from a local caravan site. After 3 hours of pushing and pulling and shovelling and getting splattered with wet sand from Denny’s spinning wheels, we finally succeeded in getting the vehicles back on the road to rapturous applause from the onlookers. The only casualty was a tyre on Denny’s motor. There was a full moon that night.

Well, apart from all that there is still some more work to be done on the LP which should be completed later this year.

Mark Vigars, from Club Sandwich NĀ°9 June / July 1978
From Twitter – Paul in Scotland during recording sessions for ‘Back To The Egg’. Photo by Linda McCartney #ThrowbackThursday #TBT
From Laurence Juber on Twitter: One of the first tracks we recorded for Wings’ Back To The Egg was “To You”. My overdubbed guitar solo was manipulated in real time by #PaulMcCartney using an Eventide Harmonizer which shifted the pitch as I was playing – Paul played a Zemaitis acoustic bass
From Laurence Juber on Twitter – A photo I took of Paul and Linda at the Hammond B3. Scotland July 1978.
From Laurence Juber (@OM28LJ) / Twitter – Photo by Linda McCartney

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Songs recorded


Arrow Through Me

Written by Paul McCartney




To You

Written by Paul McCartney



Old Siam, Sir

Written by Paul McCartney



Winter Rose

Written by Paul McCartney



Spin It On

Written by Paul McCartney



Weep for Love

Written by Denny Laine




Written by Laurence Juber



Ranachan Rock

Written by Paul McCartney


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