Again And Again And Again

Written by Denny Laine

Album This song officially appears on the Back To The Egg Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 1979

Master release

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This song has been recorded during the following studio sessions

"Back To The Egg" sessions #1

June 29 - July 27, 1978

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Song facts

We were working productively, although the pace was relaxed compared to the strict three-hour blocks of the London studio world. Denny had two fragments of songs that Paul suggested would work well together, so we started recording “Again and Again and Again” with “You Don’t Wanna Be the Little Woman” as the chorus. Denny’s characteristic electro-acoustic folk strum is supported by a slightly R&B groove.

This was the first tune we recorded that was in a straight-ahead song form. The recording ensemble corresponded to the typical onstage band: Paul on bass, Denny on rhythm guitar, Linda on Hammond organ and Steve on drums. I was playing a Strat through an old Fender amp, which sonically helped put me in a Steve Cropper-meets-George Harrison mode.

Laurence Juber, in Guitar With Wings, 2014

From Club Sandwich N°16, 1979:

[…] The album continued with Denny’s song “Again and Again and Again”, most of which was put on tape in a couple of days. Virtually all of this song apart from a few vocals, a guitar part and the mixing, was done at “Spirit of Ranachan.” […]

Mark Vigars

Again and Again. Stratocaster again. The track was mainly done ‘live’ but to beef up the solo we played it back through a Roland amp with a ‘chorus’ effect and then overdubbed a harmony.

Laurence Juber, from Club Sandwich N°14, April / May 1979

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*Ah you don't wanna be the little woman
Now you don't wanna be the little woman
I love (no no no no)
I love

Ah you don't wanna stay in my school
You don't wanna be the one that's cool
You don't wanna be the little woman
I love

You're up all night
And we could let it hang down right
I said goodbye to all my expectations
The day you walked out of my life

Winter time is a coming now
Give me a sign if you can somehow
Make it clear where you're heading for
Will I see you someday at my door

**Taking it all into consideration
Love's a game I never win
I've been in very similar situations
Again and again and again

Repeat *

Ah you don't wanna stay in my home
You just wanna be on your own
Well you don't wanna be the little woman
I love

Take it away
Turn right
Ah yeah

Well things were fine all the summer long
Then things changed so where did we go wrong
We can run but we cannot hide
In greener grass on the other side

Repeat **

Again and again and again
Oh now


Officially appears on

Back To The Egg

Official album • Released in 1979

3:34 • Studio versionA

Back To The Egg (1993)

Official album • Released in 1993

3:34 • Studio versionA


MoMac's Hidden Tracks Vol.12

Unofficial album

3:39 • Studio version

Eggs Up

Unofficial album

3:37 • Outtake

Eggs Up

Unofficial album

3:39 • Outtake

Oh, Mistake (Back To The Egg Outtakes)

Unofficial album • Released in 1997

3:33 • Studio version

Last Flight

Unofficial live • Released in 1998


Again And Again And Again

1979 • Directed by Keith McMillan

Live performances

“Again And Again And Again” has been played in 18 concerts.

Latest concerts where Again And Again And Again has been played

Concert For The People of Kampuchea

Dec 29, 1979 • United Kingdom • London • Hammersmith Odeon

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