Birmingham • Wednesday, December 12, 1979

ConcertBy Wings • Part of the Wings 1979 UK Tour
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United Kingdom
Odeon Cinema

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From Club Sandwich, N°17, 1980:

[…] Wings at Birmingham Odeon. Birmingham, the original home territory of some of Britain’s most exciting music and musicians. Samples? Traffic, The Move, half of Led Zeppelin, and of course the first edition Moodie Blues 1904, once one of Britain’s most pungent r ‘n’ b outfits. R ‘n’ b? What’s the man on about? Examples you want, huh? Check out the band’s first LP, ‘The Magnificent Moodies’. It’s rough and ready and real like their interpretation of Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Bye Bye Bird’. ‘Go Now’ you know, but what about the band’s evolution to fine singles like ‘Boulevard de la Madeleine? That voice, that evocative voice, that man called Denny Laine.

Denny’s come forward a great deal in Wings. Linda’s contribution is far from recognised, Laurence is a guitarist I heard grow from gig to gig; Steve, too. But Denny… Whether or not Paul and Linda have needed to feed him confidence, to bring him forward, whatever, Denny is their ideal catalyst too.

[…] Birmingham Odeon and here, there and everywhere: Paul is alone onstage, just his acoustic guitar and voice and a song he wrote called ‘Scrambled Eggs’. Paul’s changed the words since and as he sings ‘Yesterday’… Oooh, magic. Sad yet uplifting, a hurt painted optimistic. Magic. Yes.

The McCartney’s seem so normal. Or perhaps not. To go through that Beatle craziness, one could argue that Paul is weird. Weird because he isn’t cracked, isn’t wounded, isn’t a casualty. Weird because he and Linda are so madly in love, weird because he and his lady can lead a family life as mum and dad and yet control

the enormous success that is Wings. If someone was to offer me conclusive proof that Mr and Mrs McCartney were not a happy couple, not for one moment would I believe them?

And yet — one might even wonder if there’s some hidden secret darkness beyond public visibility. Perhaps every full moon Paul and Linda turn into werewolves and cause terror and mayhem.

No way. How do I know? Because I would have bumped into them on my own lunar travels.

B.P. Fallon, Wings On Tour approximately or: Thoughts to myself
From – An original concert ticket stub from a concert by Wings at the Odeon Theatre, Birmingham on 12th December 1979. The stub measures 8cm x 7.5cm (3.25 inches x 3 inches). It has creasing over the surface. The condition is very good minus. The stub comes with a paper contact sheet featuring images from the Wings concert at the Rainbow, London on 5th December 1979. The contact sheet measures 14.5cm x 10.5cm (5.75 inches x 4 inches). The condition is very good.
Mick Bonham (John Bonham’s young brother) – from “The Powerhouse Behind Led Zeppelin” – From Jesse Tedesci on Twitter: “A typical #LindaMcCartney story, told by Mick Bonham, John’s younger brother.” / Twitter

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Odeon Cinema

This was the 4th concert played at Odeon Cinema.

A total of 4 concerts have been played there • 1964Oct 11th1965Dec 9th1973Jul 6th1979Dec 12th

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