The Paul McCartney Project

Recording "McGear" album

January - February 1974 • For Mike McCartney

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the McGear Official album.
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Strawberry Studios South, Dorkins, Surrey

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From Wikipedia:

The facility was originally called Inter-City Studios and located above a music store in the town centre. In early 1968 it was bought by Peter Tattersall, a former road manager for Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas. Tattersall invited Eric Stewart, then lead guitarist and singer of the Mindbenders and later a member of 10cc, to join him as a partner in July 1968. The pair moved to larger premises at No. 3 Waterloo Road in October, with Stewart choosing the studio’s new name in honour of his favourite Beatles song, “Strawberry Fields Forever“. […]

Once launched as a band, 10cc recorded their first four albums at Strawberry Studios. Sheet Music (1974) was recorded at the same time McCartney was producing brother Mike McGear’s McGear album. Gouldman recalled: “We would work in the studios every day from 11am to 5pm and then Paul would come in the evenings. It was a fabulous period, the studio looked absolutely beautiful, full of their equipment and our equipment, there was a lovely creative atmosphere in the studio …

From The Chieftains: The Authorised Biography, by John Glatt:

In early 1972 Paddy Moloney got a call from ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, asking him to come to Stockport In the north of England to record some backing tracks for a new album he was producing for his brother Mike McGear’s solo album.

I was delighted when Paul called,‘ Moloney says. ‘The Beatles had just broken up and this was before Wings. I found it fascinating to work with him as I’d never seen recording equipment like that before. We certainly had nothing like that in Ireland. Paul was a genius at work-Ing it. He knew how to twiddle the knobs‘.

After the session Llnda McCartney asked Paddy to pose for a photograph with his uilleann pipes. ‘I remember sitting down and tlying to concentrate on playing the pipes while she was taking my portrait. Linda went wild with the camera and took hundreds of shots‘.

From Twitter – Taken during *McGear album recording at SSS (Strawberry Studios Stockport) by Eric ‘10cc’ Stewart. Me, Jimmy Mac, Lin & Paul (Denny & Gerry Conway in pub?)Tar 4 pics Eggs!

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Songs recorded


Sea Breezes

Written by Bryan Ferry





Written by Paul McCartney, Mike McGear



Leave It

Written by Paul McCartney






Sweet Baby

Written by Paul McCartney, Mike McGear




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