Recording "On Our Way Home"

Late April 1969 • For Mortimer

Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the On Our Way Home Official album.
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Trident Studios, London, UK

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McCartney popped in on us – he used to drop in and see how things were going with all the artists that were signed to Apple – and we had just recorded a song, “You Don’t Say You Love Me” and Peter thought that it might be the single, so he played it to Paul. Paul said he liked it but said, “I don’t know if it’s a single”. Paul noticed that we played a lot of acoustics and he said “I’ve got a song I think you guys would be perfect for”, and he played us “Two Of Us”, which was then still called “On Our Way Home”. He played us an acetate of him and John playing it on acoustic guitars. They were joking together like The Everly Brothers saying, “Take it, Phil” and things like that. It was nice, but honestly, I don’t think any of us thought that it was a single. But the fact that Paul gave it to us and that Peter said “Let’s go and try it”, we went and recorded it.

Tom Smith – From the liner notes of “On Our Way Home”, 2017

Asher and Mortimer dutifully returned to Trident to record “On Our Way Home” and the song was completed and mastered on 1st May. Given the acoustic foundation of Mortimer’s sound, it was obvious why McCartney thought that the song would be ideal for the group, but the idea sounded better in concept than on tape. Mortimer’s arrangement – which included a synthesizer part played by Mike Vickers – smoothed out the song’s rough edges but their performance failed to match the charm of The Beatles’ demo. Tony Van Benschoten recalls that “the three of us always felt unhappy about it, we felt that we had let Paul down.

From the liner notes of “On Our Way Home”, 2017
From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°71, June 1969

Songs recorded


Two Of Us

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Recording • This song was given to Mortimer by Paul McCartney, and was recorded by The Beatles as "Two Of Us".


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