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Released in 1993

Golden Earth Girl

Written by Paul McCartney

Last updated on June 15, 2019

Album This song officially appears on the Off The Ground Official album.

Timeline This song was officially released in 1993

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Golden Earth Girl” is a ballad from 1993 album “Off The Ground“.

Paul was thinking of doing that with an orchestra and I don’t quite know how it became a band number. But it works. All we added was a flute and an oboe playing the melody in the solo section.

Hamish Stuart – From the “New World Tour” tour book

The orchestra part was arranged by Carl Davis, who previously worked with Paul on the Liverpool Oratorio. Gordon Hunt played oboe and Susan Milan flute.

Carl Davis: Paul was able to say, ‘I want to add a flute here and there’, and this is what I want them to play. The score was done by me, but very dictated by Paul.

Gordon Hunt: […] The music was all written down. Carl was in the studio when I got there. Paul came out from the recording box and talked to us, me and Susan Milan on flute. […] He knew exactly where he wanted it to go… He got a very clear idea about the solo: how it should be phrased, how it should be sounding. I was very impressed by that […]

Exclusive interview from Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013)


Golden earth girl, female animal

Sings to the wind, resting at sunset

In a mossy nest

Sensing moonlight in the air

(Moonlight in the air)

Good clear water friend of wilderness

Sees in the pool her own reflection.

In another world

Someone over there is counting.

Fish in a sunbeam,

In eggshell seas.

Fish in a sunbeam.

Eggshell finish.

Natures lover climbs the primrose hill,

Smiles at the sky watching the sunset

From a mossy nest.

As she falls asleep she's counting ...

Fish in a sunbeam,

In eggshell seas.

Fish in a sunbeam.

Eggshell finish.

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The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present

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