If I Take You Home Tonight

Written by Paul McCartney

Album This song officially appears on the Wallflower Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 2015
Timeline This song has been written (or started being written) in 2011 (Paul McCartney was 69 years old)

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My Valentine

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Only Our Hearts

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Song facts

Take a listen to that melody and you will hear an indelible harmonic signature

Elvis Costello – From The New Yorker, October 18, 2021

If I Take You Home Tonight” is a song written by Paul McCartney during the sessions for Kisses On The Bottom, but left unused. It was finally recorded by Diana Krall, who participated to Kisses On The Bottom, and released on its album Wallflower released in 2015.

From Soundonsound.com, May 2012:

Among the suggestions producer [of Kisses On The Bottom] Tommy LiPuma made was that Paul McCartney contribute some of his own compositions to this album of standards. These would not be revised versions of well-known, old-style songs such as the Beatles’ ‘Honey Pie‘ or Wings’ ‘You Gave Me The Answer‘, but newly penned numbers. While fitting in with the overall style, these would also help to differentiate McCartney’s project from the nostalgic efforts of artists such as Rod Stewart and Robbie Williams.

Paul played me a piano demo of ‘Only Our Hearts‘ during my first visit to Hog Hill Mill,” LiPuma recalls. “Not familiar with all of the Wings and later material, I thought the song may have been from that period, but he told me he had written it during the past few years. I liked it, and when I said it might be a good idea for Paul to write a few more originals that fit with the style of the new album, I think that inspired him and he subsequently wrote ‘My Valentine‘ during a vacation in Morocco.” […]

At least one more original was recorded but eventually not used, as LiPuma mentions: “I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually re-records ‘If I Take You Home Tonight’, which is another relatively new composition. It’s a good song but it was still being developed and I wasn’t sure if it would fit stylistically with everything else we had done.”

Interview of Diana Krall, February 2015:

How did Paul McCartney’s “If I Take You Home Tonight” end up [on Wallflower]?

The day after Hurricane Sandy we did a rough, but it didn’t fit on [his 2012 LPKisses on the Bottom]. Years later I found the sheet music and [drummer] Karriem Riggins said, “You should do that.” I thought it was a tall order to do a new McCartney song. I asked Paul if he was OK if I should change the direction — I’m not one for changing gender in a song — but he thought it sounded really modern to keep it the way he wrote it.

I worked with Paul McCartney on “Kisses on the Bottom,” he wrote two new songs for the album — “My Valentine” was one and then another song that didn’t fit the record. I still had a copy of the music and I asked him if he was O.K. if I did the song for my record and he said “Sure,” so we recorded that and it came out just gorgeous. It’s a new Paul McCartney song that’s never been recorded that I’m pretty honored to have.

Diana Krall, from oregonlive.com, April 9, 2014

Last updated on November 7, 2021


If I take you home tonight
I will think of songs to sing to you
Music filled with joy and light
If I take you home tonight

If I tell you how I feel
Would you be afraid and run away
I would say my love is real
If you let me take you home tonight

Oh my love let me treat you right
Let me take you home tonight

Oh my love let me treat you right
Let me take you home tonight

If you let me take your hand
There are places I could bring you to
In some unimagined land
If you let me take your hand

Oh my love let me treat you right
Let me take you home tonight

Oh my love let me treat you right
Let me take you home tonight

If I take you home tonight
I will think of songs to sing to you
Music filled with joy and light

If I take you home...
If I take you home...
If I take you home tonight

If I take you home...
If I take you home...
If I take you home tonight

Officially appears on


Official album • Released in 2015

3:53 • Studio versionA

Diana Krall :
David Foster :
Orchestra arrangement, Piano
William Ross :
Orchestra arrangement
Nathan East :
Jim Keltner :
Dean Parks :

Live performances

Paul McCartney has never played this song in concert.


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Gail Ford 7 years ago

I so love this song - it's one of those quiet things that shouts at you. That sounds dumb, (and looks even worse in print) but it really does steal into your heart. I'd like to play a transcription of it in a free concert at church next year - the music wouldn't be made available to the public, or for sale in any medium. I'd be arranging it for oboe and piano. It would so suit the oboe tone, and as Sir Paul wrote such a great theme for the instrument in his Liverpool Oratorio, to get a chance to play this song would be fabulous. I can send the sheet music once I've transcribed, and also an MP3 of the recording for information/approval.
I look forward to hearing from you, and really hope permission will be granted.
Yours sincerely

Gail Ford

admin 7 years ago

Hi Gail,
Looking foward hearing your rendition of this indeed great song !

Arthur P. Johnson 1 year ago

This is one of the most beautiful Paul McCartney songs I’ve ever heard, and Diana Krall does a hushed rendition that could make us each yearn, in some other life, to be taken home, sung to and taken to unimagined lands. Yeow! Now I wanna hear Paul do it. Please put it on your next album, Paul. This is really on the same tier with Yesterday, My Valentine, The Long and Winding Road and Here Today.

The PaulMcCartney Project 1 year ago

I think you're right, Arthur. I love this song, and would love to hear a version interpreted byPaul !

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