Movement 4 - Moonrise

Written by Paul McCartney Instrumental

Album This song officially appears on the Ocean's Kingdom Official album.
Timeline This song has been written (or started being written) in 2011 (Paul McCartney was 69 years old)

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Song facts

As the moon rises outside Terra’s palace, Scala, Honorata and Stone escape into the night. They are soon pursued by Terra and his warriors. Against the wishes of the lovers, Scala turns back to stop the advancing army and though she is ignored by them, she magically conjures up an intense storm which envelopes and destroys them. To the horror of Honorata and Stone, Scala also perishes. They escape and are met by friendly forces from the Ocean Kingdom. They return home in triumph and as the celebrations subside and the lovers are left alone, the spirit of Scala makes a final appearance to bless their union

Description of Movement 4, from the liner notes of “Ocean’s Kindgom”

Last updated on November 4, 2020

Officially appears on

Ocean's Kingdom

Official album • Released in 2011

12:31 • Studio versionA

Paul McCartney :
Arrangements, Executive producer
John Fraser :
John Wilson :
Arrangements, Conductor
London Classical Orchestra :
Andrew Cottee :
Philip Hobbs :
Mixing engineer, Recording engineer

Session Recording:
June 2011 ?
Studio :
Henry Wood Hall, London, UK

Ocean's Kingdom

Official album • Released in 2011

10:32 • Live

Concert From "Ocean's Kingdom" in , USA on Sep 22, 2011

Live performances

“Movement 4 - Moonrise” has been played in 10 concerts.

Latest concerts where Movement 4 - Moonrise has been played

Ocean's Kingdom

Jan 29, 2012 • Part of Ocean's Kingdom

Ocean's Kingdom

Jan 27, 2012 • Part of Ocean's Kingdom

Ocean's Kingdom

Jan 24, 2012 • Part of Ocean's Kingdom

Ocean's Kingdom

Jan 21, 2012 • Part of Ocean's Kingdom

Ocean's Kingdom

Jan 19, 2012 • Part of Ocean's Kingdom


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