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Rave On!

Album This song officially appears on the Holly Days Official album.
Timeline This song has been officially released in 1977
Sessions This song has been recorded during the following sessions

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Song facts

From Wikipedia:

“Rave On” is a 1958 song written by Sonny West, Bill Tilghman and Norman Petty, first recorded by Sonny West (released February 1958, Atlantic 45-1174). The hit version was recorded later that same year by Buddy Holly, and was one of his six songs that charted in 1958. Holly is instantly recognizable as the artist; the record begins with the drawn-out “Well…” as stylized by Holly’s trademark hiccup (“Weh-uh-heh-uh-ell…”).

Most of Holly’s records were produced by his manager Norman Petty in New Mexico, but “Rave On” was recorded in New York by producer-bandleader Milton DeLugg. Holly’s rendition is ranked #154 on Rolling Stone magazine’s 2004 list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The title was inspired by the 1956 Sun Records recording “Dixie Fried” by Carl Perkins, which uses the refrain “rave on.”

Officially appears on

Holly Days

Official album • Released in 1977

1:55 • Studio version


2 Buddies On Holly Days

Unofficial album

1:48 • Rough mix

Plugged and Unplugged

Unofficial live • Released in 1992

4:06 • Live

Concert From "Buddy Holly Week" in New-York, USA on Sep 04, 1990

Studio Rarities Vol. 1

Unofficial album • Released in 2014

1:49 • Outtake • Rough Mix

Live Archives Vol. 1 (1984-1990)

Unofficial live • Released in 2017

0:41 • Live

Live Archives Vol. 1 (1984-1990)

Unofficial live • Released in 2017

4:04 • Live

Live performances

“Rave On!” has been played in 6 concerts.

Latest concerts where “Rave On!” has been played

Buddy Holly Week

Sep 07, 1999 • Part of Buddy Holly Week

21st Buddy Holly Week

Sep 11, 1996 • Part of Buddy Holly Week

20th Buddy Holly Week

Sep 07, 1995 • Part of Buddy Holly Week

The Buddy Holly Week

Sep 09, 1992 • Part of Buddy Holly Week

Buddy Holly Week

Sep 04, 1990 • Part of Buddy Holly Week


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