Paul McCartney attends a party by Georgie Fame

Sunday, January 8, 1967

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On this day, Paul McCartney attended a party thrown by singer Georgie Fame at the Cromwellian Club. Among the other guests were John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Brian Epstein and Jane Asher.


Freud would have had a ball with the subconscious desires behind choice of costumes when Georgie Fame threw a fancy dress party at London’s Cromwellian Club on Sunday to celebrate the 21st birthday of his fiancee, Carmen Jiminez. Georgie is seen above with Brother John Lennon and General Paul McCartney. Other guests and disguises included Ringo (an Arab), Brian Epstein (clown), Georgie’s manager Rik Gunnell (ballet dancer), Jane Asher (angel) and Zoot Money (tramp). […]

Ringo the Arab, John Lennon the Priest, Paul McCartney a Confederate General and Brian Epstein the Clown, were among the many strangely garbed celebrities at the Coming of Age party for Georgie Fame’s fiancée Carmen Jiminez, held at London’s Cromwellian Club on Sunday. All the guests wore fancy dress, and rivalling the Beatles were Jane Asher as an angel, Georgie Fame as a Regency Buck and Zoot Money as a tramp. Rik Gunnell went as Rudolph Nureyev and danced with publicist Jim Ramble – who was in drag!

From Melody Maker – January 14, 1967
From Melody Maker – January 14, 1967
From Melody Maker – January 14, 1967
From Disc And Music Echo – January 14, 1967
From The Mirror on Facebook – John Lennon, Georgie Fame and Paul McCartney at the fancy dress 21st birthday party thrown for Fame’s girlfriend, at the Cromwellian Club, London.
From Record Mirror – January 14, 1967
From New Musical Express – January 14, 1967

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