Paul McCartney attends a Young Rascals show

Thursday, December 1, 1966
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The Scotch of St James, London, UK

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On this day, Paul McCartney attended a concert by the Young Rascals, at the Scotch of St James nightclub. He would again see them live, on the following night.

The Young Rascals were in London with their promoter, Sid Bernstein, who was the first promoter to bring the Beatles to the United States from Britain. Taking the opportunity of his visit, he offered the Beatles $1 million to play two concerts at New York’s Shea Stadium in 1967.

From Wikipedia:

The Rascals (initially known as The Young Rascals) were an American rock band, formed in Garfield, New Jersey, United States, in 1965.

Between 1966 and 1968 the New Jersey act embraced soul music, reaching the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 with nine singles, including the #1s “Good Lovin'” (1966), “Groovin'” (1967), and “People Got to Be Free” (1968), as well as big radio hits such as the much-covered “How Can I Be Sure?” (#4 1967) and “A Beautiful Morning” (#3 1968), plus another critical favorite “A Girl Like You” (#10 1967), becoming one of the best known examples of the blue-eyed soul genre, along with the Righteous Brothers. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. […]

We took plenty from the Beatles, and I’m proud to say that they took something from us. We were working in a club in London, and Paul [McCartney] came down to see us. It was a small room, and in that kind of a place, a Hammond organ with two Leslie speakers and full reverb is quite an experience. You can’t get away from it. It fills every corner, because the sound from the Leslie isn’t straight; it’s around. At the end of our set we played this jazz-rock number called ‘Cute,’ and at the end I did this effect, going from the complete bottom of the second manual to the midpoint and all the way up to infinity. I remember that Paul was very taken aback by that. He felt it. The next time they put out an album, it was Sgt. Pepper, and they did the same thing, using a whole orchestra [in ‘A Day in the Life’]. He took it another step.

Felix Cavaliere – Lead vocalist and keyboard player for the Young Rascals – From Liner Notes for the CD Reissue of the Rascals’ “Once Upon a Dream” (


PAUL McCARTNEY went to see them twice. As did BILL WYMAN, BRIAN JONES, KEITH MOON and many others. Them? THE YOUNG RASCALS.

They blew into London for six days recently and proved to club audiences who managed to catch their act that once again there are happenings on the American scene to be reckoned with!

The RASCALS, as they tend to be called, formed nearly two years ago now and since then have been steadily pushing their way to the top through the many, English influenced, groups on the American scene. […]

After their BLAISES appearance (they played at their press reception and then later to the BLAISES’ crowd) SID BERNSTEIN was approached for them to do SIBYLLA’S and the SCOTCH.

It was at the SCOTCH that they faced what is possibly the toughest audience any group would have to entertain in their careers… the “in-crowd” professionals of the British scene.

The applause at the end of their set was deafening! Afterwards the boys retired upstairs to sit down over drinks and unwind. PAUL McCARTNEY came up to congratulate them and stayed to chat for quite a while. An amusing interlude was provided by a young American female who pounced on them as though she owned them and proceeded to say how knocked out she was. Which was all very well and good, but she was talking at the top of her voice and being rather extrovert… then she noticed PAUL… “You remind me of someone… I know… JOHN LENNON — you look rather like him, has anyone ever told you that before?” and she stared hard at him. We all collapsed because EDDIE had, by mistake, called him JOHN earlier… EDDIE was congratulated on being right and PAUL tried to stare the girl out — failed and made funny faces at us instead. She finally departed, still completely unaware that she had in fact been talking to a BEATLE! It was made more amusing by the fact that if anything DINO looked more like Paul than Paul himself!

One of the numbers they vowed the Scotch audience with was their own version of the LENNON / McCARTNEY number “No Reply.” BRIAN EPSTEIN has expressed that he would like the boys to record it as an A-side. He has also said that when they come back which they hope will be in the Spring-time if a record has happened for them by then — he would like them to do the London “Apollo” – the Saville theatre. […]

From Record Mirror – January 7, 1967
From Record Mirror – January 7, 1967

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