The Beatles attend an exhibition by Greek sculptor Takis Vasilakis

Thursday, November 24, 1966
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Masons Yard, St. James's, London, UK

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On this day, according to Barry Miles in his book “The Beatles Diary Volume 1: The Beatles Years“, The Beatles attended the opening of an exhibition at the Indica Gallery by the Greek sculptor Takis Vasilakis, who became a friend with The Beatles and Yoko Ono.

I’d been down to see things like Takis who’d made these flashing lights and sold them for a fortune!

John Lennon – 1980 – From “Revolver (2022)” book

One of Indica gallery’s first exhibitions was by the Greek sculptor Takis Vassilakis, whose angular metal shapes were embellished by flashing lights. Paul immediately bought a Takis, consisting of a long, spindly rod topped by a green light, and a matching, but shorter, rod topped by a red one. Seeing a resemblance to the singing duo that included Jane’s diminutive, carrot-haired brother, he nicknamed it ‘Peter and Gordon’.

From “Paul McCartney – The Life” by Philip Norman, 2016

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