Launch party for Adrienne Posta’s “Shang A Doo Lang”

Friday, March 27, 1964

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Adrienne Posta (note the correct spelling) was a 15 year old starlet who was studying at the Italia Conti Stage School (apparently along with Steve Marriott later of The Small Faces) whose father, Sid Posta, a wealthy furniture dealer, wanted to be a pop star.
Never one to miss an opportunity, particularly where there was some money to be made, Andrew Oldham took her under his wing and gave her this song which he describes in “Stoned” as a re-write of The Crystals “He’s Sure The Boy I Love” giving it his best Phil Spector type production.
A party was thrown to launch the single (paid for by Sid Posta) which was attended by Paul McCartney and his then girlfriend, Jane Asher along with Peter and Gordon who were top of the charts at the time with the Lennon-McCartney song “A World Without Love”.
Another guest was a beautiful girl called Marianne Faithfull who immediately caught Oldham’s eye and who would later play a large part in the Stones’ story.
The record (b/w When A Girl Really Loves You) didn’t sell and, after a string of equally unsuccessful singles, Adrienne gave up on trying to be a pop star and turned instead to acting where she had more success most notably in the film “Up The Junction” in 1968.
The Stones’ version of this song has never been released although a brief snippet is featured in a medley that is available on bootlegs.

Adrienne Posta was a teenage singer whose single had been produced by the Rolling Stones’ flamboyant manager, Andrew Loog Oldham. This was the party to promote the record, and John Dunbar and I had gone as guests of Peter Asher. Paul McCartney was there with Peter’s sister, Jane, along with various members of the Rolling Stones (Mick, Keith and Brian). At this point the Stones were not much more than yobby schoolboys. They had none of the polish of John Lennon or Paul McCartney, and compared to my John they seemed very crass and boorish indeed.

Marianne Faithfull – From “Faithfull: An Autobiography“, 2000

On Good Friday, March 27, after playing in Windsor, we went to Adrienne Posta’s 16th birthday party. Peter (Asher) and Gordon (Waller), Millie Small (famous for ‘My Boy Lollipop’) and singer Jimmy Justice were there, while Paul McCartney brought along his friend John Dunbar and girlfriend Marianne Faithfull. This was the first time Mick met Marianne.

Rumour has it that Mick spilt champagne over Marianne’s dress to get her attention, but she was in love with John Dunbar and ignored him. I didn’t see it happen and Mick definitely can’t remember!

Bill Wyman – From “Rolling With The Stones“, 2003

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