The Beatles sign a nine-year contract with EMI Records

Friday, January 27, 1967

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On this day, The Beatles signed a nine-year contract with EMI Records.

Brian dreaded the imminent expiration of the five-year management contract that The Beatles had signed in the autumn of 1962. In 1966, while renegotiating their recording deals with Capitol and EMI, he had stuck in a clause stipulating that twenty-five per cent of The Beatles’ royalties through to 1976 were to be automatically siphoned off by his own company, NEMS. Unaware of the implications of this fine print, The Beatles, to their subsequent regret, duly affixed their signatures to the dotted line.

Pete Shotton – From “The Beatles: Off the Record” by Keith Badman, 2008

From Melody Maker – February 11, 1967
From Disc And Music Echo – February 11, 1967
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From New Contract with EMI Records – The Beatles History (

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