3rd Buddy Holly Week

Wednesday, September 6, 1978

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From tracks.co.uk – An original set of pin badges from Paul McCartney’s 1978 Buddy Holly Week. The seven round badges are each printed with an image of Buddy in a different colour with the words ‘Every Day’s A Holly Day’ and a day of the week. They each measure 5.5cm (2.25 inches) in diameter and come with the original plastic bag which has been torn open.
From The Sale Room – PAUL MCCARTNEY & KEITH MOON – 1978 BUDDY HOLLY WEEK – collection to include 19 original photos (some with Keith Moon the day before his death), large calendar, 7 MPL party invitations, 1 MPL movie premier invitation, 1 press release and 1 stickers sheet
From Alamy – Keith Moon, drummer of the British rock group The Who, attending the the premier of the new film “The Buddy Holly Story” in the West End with fiancee Annette Walter-Lax as guests of Paul and Linda McCartney. After dining with Paul and Linda at Peppermint Park in Covent Garden, Keith and Annette returned to their flat in Curzon Street, Mayfair where he was found dead early the next morning after overdosing on 32 tablets of clomethiazole, prescribed to Moon to alleviate his alcohol withdrawal symptoms. 6th September 1978.

From paulmccartney.com, February 2, 2017:

John Hurt and Keith Moon, two legends photographed by Linda at a Buddy Holly celebration which tragically turned out to be the last night of Keith Moon’s life. We remember both with fondness – and always will. […]

Paul McCartney
From Meet the Beatles for Real: Those were the days my friend – Paul and Mary Hopkin at the party for the Buddy Holly story on September 6, 1978.  
From DIÁRIO DOS BEATLES: Paul McCartney fala sobre David Frost (diariodosbeatles.blogspot.com)

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