Designing the “Anthology” cover

1995 ?

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And the “Anthology” cover, how large was that original?

That is rather large, that’s 2 [meters] approximately. I made it together with Alfons Kiefer.

Were there several drafts for this or was that more a work in progress?

No, we first did a mock-up. No sketch, but a mock-up. We actually printed disc covers or even posters and then glued them properly. If one works photo-realistically, you must have a master, which is also photographed. There we always know where the beam of light is. Then we prepared the thing piece by piece, so that we could work. We mostly took photos from any photos or record sleeves and then printed them on thin paper, so that it looks like posters. Then we tear it or crumble it a bit, so that it looks more like posters.

Did you have to submit it to Apple several times?

Yes, that was unfortunately the case.

And those had again and again suggestions for improvement?

Yes, that was not so completely simple.

How often was it changed, five times, ten times, more?

It was not that often at all. At the end I even sat directly in the Apple office and made the final touches there. With these whole glued-on things. There had to be a Ringo or there had to stand another of The Beatles.

It wasn’t easy, since it had not only to be divided into three, but also into eight for the cassettes and videos and so on. That was a little problematic, because the [name] The Beatles should be if possible always there. And that made the thing a little boring.

Your job title is listed here as custom commercial artist.


Klaus Voormann – Interview with Beatlefan #148, May-June 2004

Last updated on July 22, 2023

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