Beatlemania in Portland 1965

By The BeatlesUnofficial live • Part of the collection “The Beatles by MisterClaudel


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Disc 1


Memorial Coliseum Portland Oregon August 22, 1965 Afternoon Show



Interviews in Portland


Airport Press Conference

1:30 • Interview


Gerry G. Bishop Interview

3:23 • Interview


Larry Kane Interview

0:30 • Interview


Documentary & News Report In Portland Oregon USA 1964


Beatlemania in Portland Oregon #1

0:24 • Interview


Beatlemania in Portland Oregon #2

2:37 • Interview


Beatlemania in Portland Oregon #3

2:59 • Interview


Beatlemania in Portland Oregon #4

1:19 • Interview


Beatlemania in Portland Oregon #5

7:00 • Interview


Portland News Report

3:01 • Interview


Beatlemania in Portland Trailer

8:38 • Interview


From Giginjapan:

■ first appearance August 22, 1965 in Portland, Oregon performances! ! !
■ sound source is not only a first appearance, concert itself first appearance!
■ The sound quality is pretty bad at that time of audience recording, it is first appearance live valuable.
■ also simultaneous recording, such as the day of the press conference and at the time of the fan interview.

Among the must-have mania M Claudel label, especially popular live Chronicle The latest series of will stock. First appearance live in the whopping first appearance sound source! August 22, 1965 Oregon has recorded a concert in Portland. 2015 The Beatles is to say that just 50 years after performing the second time of the US tour, various attempts in various places have been made. In Portland, is interviewed at the time of the fans and officials, such as the Beatles visit the 50th anniversary of the documentary has been made in the field. Upon documentary production, photo that was at that time shooting, seems to have widely recruited such as video. Portland performances of recorded this time, by the audience recording that has been excavated for 50 years in the process,’s the first appearance Portland performances. In fact, some of the sound source has been used in a documentary, recorded in this work including that were not actually used in the documentary section, you will to the fact that its entire length version.

Under what circumstances, what it is or position of the person that was recorded is unknown, the sound quality is pretty bad, in which girls of Force has been recorded large, there is something unbearable for a little appreciation, this whether enjoy is the feeling like allegiance test for mania. However, when considering the documentary value, irresistible sound of the also certainly to mania. The song sounds that are playing bad thing, MC, etc. then you understand clearly, above all valuable Beatles first appearance sound source,’s the first appearance live.

1965 of the US tour, the day John of upset is omitted the one song “Twist And Shout”, there is a recording of a concert from “She’s A Woman” has begun. In fact Hollywood Bowl and Atlanta was listen in sound source until now, such as Houston, tightly although starting from the “Twist And Shout”, recently excavated Minneapolis performances, and is this work Portland performances, both “She’s A Woman” to begin from also is interesting place.

The second half we have recorded the sound source to be associated with the Portland performances. On the day of the press conference, broadcast at the time appeared on local radio stations, and such a fan of interviews at that time, this related sound source of the 1965 Portland performances with a single has been recorded all. It should be noted that the jacket photo is also intended that all was taken on the day, wrapped himself in the familiar military jacket, John has played and wearing a hat.

Latest work of M Claudel-label, August 22, 1965 Portland performances, has recorded the first appearance live in the first appearance sound source. Including the associated sound source, making it the title to commemorate the 50 years before the concert. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.

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