4th Buddy Holly Week • Friday, September 14, 1979

ConcertBy Various Artists • Part of the Buddy Holly Week
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United Kingdom
Hammersmith Odeon

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From Norwegian Wood:

Paul is performing live at the Hammersmith Odeon in London as part of the grand finale of the fourth annual Buddy Holly Week celebration. The 8pm concert, which features amongst others Jerry Allison, Don Everly and Sonny Curtis, is captured on videotape by Paul’s MPL Communications company and will form a major part of the short TV documentary, transmitted in America on MTV under the title of The Music Lives On, on September 8,1984. Paul is seen performing “It’s So Easy” and “Bo Diddley”, while Denny is seen singing “Raining In My Heart” with Don Everly of The Everly Brothers. Guests in the audience include former Monkee Micky Dolenz, Superman actor Christopher Reeve, DJ Alan Freeman, David Frost, former member of The Faces Ronnie Lane, former 10cc drummer Kevin Godley plus Paul’s old friend, the actor Victor Spinetti.

From Club Sandwich, N°16, 1979:

September 7th-14th is now well known as “Buddy Holly Week”. Faithful fans from all over the UK rallied ’round again this September to celebrate the FOURTH annual “Buddy Holly Week”.

It all began in 1976 when MPL initiated a commemorative week starting on September 7th because that was Buddy Holly’s birthday. Despite the fact that Buddy died 20 years ago, the interest in his music is still strong, the number of fans is ever increasing and the “Week” in September is met with even greater enthusiasm each year.

This year, for the first time, Holly fans mingled, met and memorabilia-ed their way through an afternoon/ evening get together known as the “Buddy Holly Fan Fair” at The Clarendon (Hammersmith) on Sept. 13th. There was a special exhibition scrapbook tour of Buddy’s life and music through photos, press clippings, original sheet music, recordings and other documentation. The display of material from fan clubs in the UK, USA, Australia, France and Holland — all still active today — showed that Buddy Holly, indeed, raves on. Those attending the “Fan Fair” were invited to bring along their own memorabilia collections and some true Holly-philes came with suitcases full of material to share with fellow fans. The afternoon session ended with a raffle of Holly records, books, songbooks and T-shirts.

In the evening, the “Fan Fair” crowd reassembled to welcome the guest speakers: The Crickets (Jerry Allison, Joe Mauldin & Sonny Curtis), Maria Elena (Buddy’s widow) and Bob Montgomery who was the first to record and perform with Buddy. They were joined by two friends of The Crickets, Albert Lee and Rick Grech. The guest speakers each said a few words to the fans. No need for long speeches, really, because the incredibly warm and enthusiastic response from those gathered at The Clarendon that evening said it all. Maria, Bob and The Crickets wanted to speak to the fans more personally, so they were quickly off stage and into the crowd, chatting and signing autographs. Fantastic finish to a very successful first “Fan Fair”.

The highlight of the “Week”, of course, was Friday’s concert at the Hammersmith Odeon headlined “The Crickets Plus Surprise Guest Artists”. Admission was free and tickets were given away through fan clubs and competitions in the media.

Paul and Linda hosted a pre-concert party for a select group of friends and celebrities. A quick drink, a bite to eat, perhaps even a taste of Linda’s special pea soup and it was off to the Odeon at 8.00.

Alan “Fluff” Freeman first introduced the group Fumble who set the mood with a running repertoire of Rock ‘n’ Roll numbers. Next came Mike Berry & The Outlaws with a selection of Holly hits plus Mike Berry’s own song “Tribute to Buddy Holly”. After the interval, excitement increased as Jimmy Savile introduced The Crickets. Jerry, Joe & Sonny played some of the best known Holly numbers like “Maybe Baby” and “Everyday” and a new number, “The Real Buddy Holly Story”, that Sonny wrote about the film of Buddy’s life. A group of dancers decked out in 50s gear jived on stage and it wasn’t long before members of the audience (also attired å la 50s) were dancing away in the aisles.

The stage set, it must be mentioned, was a large-as-life silver (Greyhound type) tour bus and above it colourful neon signs flashed the way to Nashville, Clovis (New Mexico) and New York.

After the Crickets’ opening numbers, it was one surprise after another. Through the doors of the bus came a series of guest artists to perform with The Crickets. The first was Albert Lee who tuned in on more Holly numbers such as “Peggy Sue” and “That’ll be the Day”. Bob Montgomery then joined the growing group to sing “Heartbeat” and “Love’s Made a Fool of You”. Don Everly was the next surprise and a big one! He may not have looked exactly the same but when he and Albert Lee did the duo “Bye Bye Love” it was hello Everly Brothers. Among the Everly favourites he performed was “Walk Right Back” by Sonny Curtis. Denny Laine was next off the bus with a remarkably Holly-like rendition of “Raining In My Heart”. More surprises still when Paul, Linda, Steve and Laurence joined in, with Paul singing “It’s So Easy”. Then, the grand finale — everyone on stage doing an extended version of “Bo Diddley” with each artist featured in a solo spot. There was just one encore, by The Crickets alone, and what better song to end “Buddy Holly Week” 1979 than “RAVE ON”.

Trudy Anderson

From Getty – Paul McCartney (left) singing a duet with Sonny Curtis of The Crickets at a Buddy Holly Tribute Concert at Hammersmith Odeon, London, 14th September 1979. (Photo by Denis O’Regan/Getty Images)
From B35389 – Paul McCartney And Wings The Crickets 1979 Odeon Hammersmith Unused Concert Ticket (UK) – Tracks – An original unused concert ticket for Paul McCartney And Wings and The Crickets performance at the Odeon Theatre, Hammersmith, London on the 14th September 1979. BLOCK 4. Seat K36. Paul McCartney and Wings made a special guest appearance during the McCartney Productions Limited Buddy Holly Week, The ticket measures 10cm x 6.1cm (4.75 inches x 2.3 inches). The condition is near mint.
From Daily Mirror – Monday 17 September 1979
From B37890 – Paul McCartney 1979 Buddy Holly Week Invitation & Reply Card (UK) – Tracks – An invitation and reply card to attend the Buddy Holly Week concert at the Odeon Theatre, Hammersmith, London on the 14th September 1979 held by Paul McCartney who attended and performed at the event. Each item measures 14.9cm x 9.75cm (5.9 inches x 3.9 inches). The condition is near mint.

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Hammersmith Odeon

This was the 27th concert played at Hammersmith Odeon.

A total of 28 concerts have been played there • 1964Dec 24thDec 26thDec 28thDec 29thDec 30thDec 31st1965Jan 1stJan 2ndJan 4thJan 5thJan 6thJan 7thJan 8thJan 9thJan 11thJan 12thJan 13thJan 14thJan 15thJan 16thDec 10th1973May 25thMay 26thMay 27th1975Sep 17thSep 18th1979Sep 14thDec 29th

Setlist for the concert


It's So Easy

Written by Buddy Holly, Norman Petty

Paul McCartney :
Lead vocal

Album Available on 2 Buddies On Holly Days

Album Available on Wings Over Wembley

Album Available on Japan Rehearsals


Bo Diddley

Written by Ellas McDaniel

Paul McCartney :
Lead vocal

Album Available on Wings Over Wembley

Album Available on Japan Rehearsals

Album Available on 2 Buddies On Holly Days


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