London • Saturday, December 26, 1964

ConcertBy The Beatles • Part of the 1964 Christmas Shows
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United Kingdom
Hammersmith Odeon

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Hammersmith Odeon

This was the 2nd concert played at Hammersmith Odeon.

A total of 28 concerts have been played there • 1964Dec 24thDec 26thDec 28thDec 29thDec 30thDec 31st1965Jan 1stJan 2ndJan 4thJan 5thJan 6thJan 7thJan 8thJan 9thJan 11thJan 12thJan 13thJan 14thJan 15thJan 16thDec 10th1973May 25thMay 26thMay 27th1975Sep 17thSep 18th1979Sep 14thDec 29th


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Keith Dancey 5 months ago

I attended the show on Boxing Day, 1964, with my girlfriend Raye. We travelled down from Oxford on a coach booked to go straight to the theatre, and then pick us up to take us back. They were all-inclusive tickets my girlfriend's older sister bought for us, but I don't know who organised it.

Our seats were near the back.

I very well remember the screaming. It was a hell of a shock. Something I will NEVER forget. At times I could not hear the band. There is no way I could remember the set list:-)

But that show also introduced me to Blues music, when the Yardbirds played. I will NEVER forget that, either.

Together, that evening with Beatles and the Yardbirds (above all else) started a life-long love of contemporary music, which continues to this day. It was a cathartic moment which triggered a VERY important part of my life! You can't say more than that.

Something magical for me started that night...

The PaulMcCartney Project 5 months ago

WOW - thanks Keith sharing your memories with us ! The Beatles and the Yardbirds on the same bill, awesome!

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