London • Wednesday, September 17, 1975

ConcertBy Wings • Part of the Wings Over the World tour
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United Kingdom
Hammersmith Odeon

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From Facebook – From John Hutson: Travelled from Birchington near Margate for this concert with my then girlfriend and two others to the Hammersmith Odeon where I saw Paul McCartney and Wings on several occasions. Came across this photo when I digitised some old family 35mm slides about four years ago.
From The Guardian, September 18, 1975
From Evening Standard, September 18, 1975
From New Musical Express, September 20, 1975
From New Musical Express, September 20, 1975

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Hammersmith Odeon

This was the 25th concert played at Hammersmith Odeon.

A total of 28 concerts have been played there • 1964Dec 24thDec 26thDec 28thDec 29thDec 30thDec 31st1965Jan 1stJan 2ndJan 4thJan 5thJan 6thJan 7thJan 8thJan 9thJan 11thJan 12thJan 13thJan 14thJan 15thJan 16thDec 10th1973May 25thMay 26thMay 27th1975Sep 17thSep 18th1979Sep 14thDec 29th

Setlist for the concert

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I love how someone by taper keep asking for HiHiHi thought full show nearly haha
this why bootlegs are great histroal document

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