Seoul • Friday, May 1, 2015

RehearsalBy Paul McCartney • Part of the 2nd Asian leg of the Out There Tour
South Korea

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Paul McCartney traveled from Japan to Korea on this day. A rehearsal took place in the afternoon ahead of the show the following day.

From For Whom The Bell Tells, July 6, 2015:

Travel Day – (April 30, 2015) 

We (the crew) leave Tokyo to head to Seoul in South Korea, but Paul is spending another night in Tokyo and will travel tomorrow for a rehearsal ahead of the stadium show on Saturday. As I land in Seoul my phone rings and it’s John Hammel, Paul’s right hand man. John tells me a brilliant story about how he and Paul had just been for a bike ride in Tokyo. They had managed to ride from the hotel up to the Budokan, completely unnoticed. Not only that, they left their bikes outside and sneaked into the venue as the production crew were preparing for another show that evening. John took a picture of Paul hanging out inside the venue (which you can see on Paul’s Instagram). Needless to say the Japanese press went into overdrive when they saw Paul’s photo online.

Arriving at Seoul for the first time, May - from
Arriving at Seoul for the first time, May – from


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