Private graduation party • Saturday, May 9, 2015

AppearanceBy Phase5
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Winter Park
Interlachen Country Club

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Paul and Nancy McCartney joined the graduation party of Nancy’s son, Arlen. A local Tampa-based band, Phase5, was hired to entertain the night, and Paul joined the band on two songs.

[Nancy] called us about this event last year, but I didn’t know who she was. I didn’t figure it out until about two weeks ago when she casually mentioned it on the phone. [Paul and Nancy] found us on the internet. Nancy said they searched for bands in the area and we were their first choice.

Josh Walther, of the Phase5 band, from Exclusive: See Paul McCartney sing Beatles song at stepson’s private grad party – National Beatles | (

Just a little nervous about our gig tonight. I am never one to be nervous before a show. However, tonight we are playing for one of my musical heroes and his family. Actually, I think it’s safe to say that he might be the world’s biggest living musical hero. Hopefully I can get through it without falling down or saying anything to embarrass myself or the rest of the band. LOL. Positive thoughts needed from all of my friends smile emoticon Can’t say who until tomorrow. I’ll just say ‪#‎MaybeImAmazed‬ I really am. Shocked, stoked, honored, terrified, but mostly AMAZED!

Josh Walther, of the Phase5 band, from Facebook

We started playing and he danced for about an hour on the dance floor. He was one of the first out on the floor. […] Nothing would prepare us for the moment when he asked if he could sing a few with us. […] He had us play a blues progression and he improved a song about his stepson’s graduation. And then we did ‘I Saw Her Standing There’. We went through basically the whole catalog of Beatles songs we knew and he really wanted to do “(I) Saw Her Standing There,” but we had never played it. Our piano player pulled up a chart off the internet and we just totally winged it. It turned out great. […] He was really complimentary of the band. He talked to each of us individually. […]

Josh Walther, of the Phase5 band, from Exclusive: See Paul McCartney sing Beatles song at stepson’s private grad party – National Beatles | (

Thrill of a lifetime having Sir Paul McCartney sit in with the band last night! Phase5 was honored to be asked to play for Paul and his family at an event last night. We were really excited that he was the first person on the dance floor and remained there for our entire 2 hour show. Nothing would prepare us for the moment when he asked if he could sing a few with us!

Josh Walther, of the Phase5 band, from Youtube

From Fox13, May 11, 2015:

More than a year ago the wedding band, Phase5, was booked a graduation party at an Orlando-area country club for a client named Nancy Shevell. “It was just a standard business transaction“, Walther said. A few weeks ago, Shevell called to check on what they’d need.

Sort of near the end of the conversation, she just said something about being Paul McCartney’s wife. And I was like, ‘oh,’” he said. Soon after they got on stage, “he was the first person on the dance floor,” recalled Walther “We all turned around and looked at each other and were like ‘wow!‘”

Then, the magic moment happened. “We took a break and asked if he could join us for a couple of songs,” said Walther. He had them play a simple ditty so he could ad-lib a song. “This graduation is where I want to be,” McCartney sang. His step-son was graduating Rollins College. “These two guys, they went to college,” McCartney sang. “Right there, they got a lot of knowledge.

Then he asked if the band could play The Beatles’ 1963 hit, I Saw Her Standing There. “He just giggled and said, ‘it’s real easy,’” said Walther. They looked at the sheet music online for a minute and held their breath. “He even cued me some of the chords while we were playing the song,” said pianist Stephen Dornfeld. A wedding band of 6 from Tampa, playing with perhaps the most famous musician of all-time. “l couldn’t even believe it was happening, that he was up there,” said Dornfeld. And then, it was over. “There is no one like that. He had complete command of the room,” said Walther. Phase5 has a story to tell forever.

As he was walking by he said thank you, and what do you say to that? I was like, thank you!” said Dornfeld.

Phase5 and Paul McCartney – from Tampa Bay Live Wedding Band and Entertainment | The Phase5 Band (

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Interlachen Country Club

This was the 1st and only concert played at Interlachen Country Club.

Setlist for the concert


Graduation Song

Paul McCartney :
Performed by :


I Saw Her Standing There

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Paul McCartney :
Performed by :


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