Interview for ITV • Wednesday, March 12, 1969

Interview for ITV

Interview of Paul McCartney
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From Paul & Linda McCartney Interview: Ritz Hotel, London 3/12/1969 – Beatles Interviews Database:

[…] The following ITV interview took place at the Ritz Hotel in London following their “wedding breakfast,” a British term for the meal served to the wedding couple and guests at the traditional evening reception. Paul suggests that they will probably honeymoon in a couple of days after some work, but this was likely an attempt to throw the press off the scent from trying to follow. In fact the Beatles were on break during this time as Paul and Linda honeymooned and then visited Linda’s family in America. […]

Q: Congratulations. How did you enjoy your wedding breakfast?

PAUL: Fine, thank you. Lovely, yes.

Q: The wedding was delayed an hour. What happened then?

PAUL: Mike. Brother Mike was on British Railways again. So he got held up. And he was best man, so we waited for him.

Q: When did you decide to get married, Paul?

PAUL: About a week ago.

Q: What prompted it?

PAUL: Just, you know, we decided to do it instead of thinking about it.

Q: Linda, how do you feel about it? You’re obviously terribly happy. How are you feeling this morning?

LINDA: Very happy. [pause, then jokingly] Unquote.

Q: Linda, you’ve been described as a New York socialite. Does this mean you’ll be spending much of your time in New York?


Q: Where would you be living.

LINDA: In London.

Q: In London. Paul, what about you, how do you feel to be the father of a six year old?

PAUL: [jokingly, playfully making faces with Linda’s daughter, Heather] It’s terrible. It’s terrible. I hate it, I hate it. It’s going to be a terrible burden. You’re on the telly, you’re on the telly. Come here.

Q: Are you going on honeymoon anywhere?

PAUL: We may get away in a couple of days but I’ve got some work and stuff still to do.

Q: So that gets you away from your honeymoon?

PAUL: It does, yeah.

Q: Where were you going to go to when you…

PAUL: “I don’t know. Haven’t thought of anything yet.”

Q: What are you going to do for the rest of the day? You’re going to have a celebration later perhaps?

PAUL: Yeah, I’ll take a bit of a rest first. It’s been a bit hectic.

Q: Many of the fans, the girls that were waiting outside the house and outside the hotel today, seem to be more than upset about this. What do you feel?

PAUL: I don’t know what I feel about that, you know. What do you say to that.

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