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When Sir Paul met Rylan

Interview of Paul McCartney
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Rylan Clark
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From When Sir Paul met Rylan | This Morning (

He’s had a career that’s spanned five decades, so not much surprises Sir Paul McCartney – but that was before he met Rylan.

In a one of a kind interview they talk ‘getting mashed’; the merits of belly button brushes and the pros and cons of holidaying with Rolling Stone legend Keith Richards; oh and why (his daughter) Stella has given up offering him fashion advice – Sir Paul, not Rylan!

All this and they still had time to chat about Paul’s latest single Hope for the Future which was originally written for the blockbusting video game Destiny.

They also chatted about James McCartney, Paul’s son, a solo artist in his own right who played with The Cure on The Art of McCartney, an album which sees legendary artists covering their favourite McCartney song.

So get your tea and biccies – and settle to watch ‘When Sir Paul met Rylan’.

About Christmas:

Paul McCartney: It’s all about family, seeing the kids, having the kids climbing all over me, watching TV…

About his son James:

Paul McCartney: He said to me he was going to go into music and I was a bit like – are you sure about that? A difficult role to play when your dad is famous. But he is really talented.

From Twitter – What an absolute pleasure. Thank you @PaulMcCartney @itvthismorning x


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