Interview for ITV • Thursday, October 31, 1963

Interview with ITV

TV interview • Interview of The Beatles

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Q: “Paul, have you thought about your act for this show yet? Any changes in the act, or is it going to be, you know, the usual routine?”

PAUL: “No, we’ll have to change it I’m sure. We can’t do the same thing all the time. We haven’t thought about what we’re gonna do yet.”

Q: “Suits with collars on? Brush part in hair? Anything like that?”

PAUL: (jokingly) “You never know. We might not wear suits! You never know! No idea.”

Q: “John, in this Royal Variety Show when you’re appearing before royalty, you’re language has got to be pretty good obviously– this thing about Teddy saying that he couldn’t distinguish your… The Queen’s English.”

JOHN: (mock upperclass dialect) “I can’t understand Teddy! I can’t understand Teddy saying that at all, really.” (smiles)


JOHN: (serious look into camera) “I’m not going to vote for Ted.”

PAUL: (quietly) “Oooo.”

Q: “But you’re not going to change your act for the Lord Privy Seal?”

JOHN: (exaggerated lowerclass dialect) “Ah no, like, we’ll keep, like, the same kinda thing, like. Won’t we?”

PAUL: “Oh! Aye, yes!”

JOHN: “That’s right.”

PAUL: (laughs)


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