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You Gave Me The Answer - Christmas 2016 Edition

Press interview • Interview of Paul McCartney

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Jake: What was the most unique Christmas gift you’ve ever received, and from whom?
Paul: I think it’s a silly one! When I was a kid, my Uncle Joe built me a fort. It was like a little den, where I could play with my tin soldiers. And I really loved it. It was like a major, major gift. It was made of wood; he was a plumber, so he was a kind of tradesman. And yeah, he just made this little fort with a little castle. I think it was most unique because in your childhood, you know, things just seem more amazing. And so one Christmas morning, this arrived. So it was my little fort. Was that inside or outside the house?
Paul: Inside. Like a doll’s house?
Paul: It was like a boy’s dollhouse. Exactly. That’s what it was!

Katrina from Russia asks: What do you put on top of the Christmas tree? A star? An angel? Or something else?
Paul: An angel. We have a few things that we’ve had for a long time, so there is an angel that always goes on the top. And then we have a few special things, as I say, that have come through the years. It’s like, “Oh! I remember that one!” There’s a little thing Mary made when she was at school, which still comes out every year. And then we buy some new ones to sort of fill it in. Nancy and I bought some lovely ones in New York that are now regular fixtures. But in answer to your question – an angel!
Christiana from Milton Keynes asks: Do you sing with the family around the piano during holiday gatherings? And if so, which songs?
Paul: I don’t really, that was more my Dad’s thing. I made a record when the kids were little, because I realised it was very hard to buy a record that just had the Christmas songs. You would either get Nat King Cole sings Christmas or Phil Spector’s Christmas record – which I’ve got and we use – but I just wanted straight forward Christmas songs [sings ‘Jingle Bells’ to us].  So I went into my studio and made loads of tracks. I have a little CD actually, called ‘Christmas Songs,’ and it’s just all stuff I’ve made up. I multi-tracked them all in the studio and they’re kind of nice! So rather than sitting around a piano, normally we would play that CD while everyone’s cooking. It’s a nice little CD actually, it’s got a sort of sentimental value because all the kids have grown up with it. That must hold amazing memories for the kids?
Paul: Yeah, I think so. You know, it’s like, “Oh! Here’s that one again!” But I think they like it. I like it, it’s nice. It means the Christmas season is here! In New York there’s a Christmas radio station that we put on. But no, our equivalent of around a piano would be this little Christmas record I made, which has slightly more than a dozen or so Christmas favourites. Did you record that in the 70s?

Paul: Yes I did, and I just add one or two a year. You know next year, you’ll have to answer, “What are the tracks on this CD? When are you going to release it?”
Paul: I have often thought… It’s a fun thing. Anyway, we’ll get into that. Cut! You’re opening Pandora’s box!


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