Mixing "Get Back"

Monday, April 7, 1969 • For The Beatles

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Album Songs recorded during this session officially appear on the Get Back / Don't Let Me Down (UK - Mono) 7" Single.
Olympic Sound Studios, London

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The song “Get Back“, recorded during the “Get Back” sessions in January 1969, had been prepared for release as the next Beatles single. A mono mix had been made by engineer/producer Glyn Johns on April 3, and the single was scheduled to be released on April 11.

On April 6, “Get Back” was premiered, on BBC Radio 1, by DJs Alan Freeman and John Peel. But Paul McCartney was disappointed by the way the song sounded on the radio.

So on this day, April 7, he was back at Olympic Studios with Glyn Johns to create a new mix of the song.

They’d already done a mono mix of Get Back and had acetates cut and didn’t like it… Paul and Glyn were very concerned with what the new mix was going to sound like on a cheap record player. Purely by chance, I happened to have a cheap record player in the back of my car, which I’d brought along to Olympic to have someone repair. We had an acetate cut from the new mix and then, using my record player, we were able to decide which of the two mixes was better.

Jerry Boys – Tape operator at Olympic Studios – Quoted in Classic Rock, May 2020

The release date of the single was kept to April 11, but due to the late mixing, in some areas, the first copies reached record stores between five and seven days later.

The version of Get Back that was played by DJs John Peel and Alan Freeman on Sunday, April 6, was not the actual final record that was released a week later.

The boys decided that it needed more work done on it so they went back into the studio on Monday, April 7, and re-mixed the tapes.

From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°70, May 1969
From the Beatles Monthly Book, N°70, May 1969

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Songs recorded


Get Back

Written by Lennon - McCartney

Mixing • Mono mixing - Remix 5

Album Officially released on Get Back / Don't Let Me Down (UK - Mono)


Production staff

George Martin:
Glyn Johns:
Jerry Boys:
Second engineer

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